Keeping Crows Away From Halloween Guests

crow on tree branch during fall

Fall is upon us and between the apple orchards, Halloween parties and trick-or-treating, you’ve probably got a busy season ahead of you. But, with the changing colors come some new guests. You’ve probably heard the familiar call of crows around the yard. These medium sized intelligent birds can become a bit of a nuisance while they’re foraging around for food. Here are a few tips for keeping those hungry crows away from your Halloween guests.

Cover Up Compost

Crows are smart. They can easily figure out how to snag a quick snack if you give them the chance. To avoid bringing crows into your yard, be sure to cover up your trash and compost. Get a trashcan with a secure locking lid. This will prevent crows from ripping into trash bags. Also, if you have a compost pile make sure to keep it covered so it’s not appealing to hungry crows.

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Use Smaller Bird Feeders

If crows can get into a bird feeder to grab some lunch, they will. Try using smaller bird feeders around the yard that won’t let bigger birds like crows get into them. Be sure to clean up any leftover bird feed from your yard as well to make sure the crows can’t forage for anything left over on the ground.
Make Your Home Cozy For You, Not Them
Getting rid of dead branches from trees around the yard will deter crows from hanging out in your trees with their buddies. Don’t be afraid to get loud either, it might not sound nice, but yelling at crows will make them not want to hang around.

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Avian Control Will Keep the Crows Away

If you want a quick and easy way to keep crows away this fall, Avian Control is an inexpensive and long-lasting way to control your crow problem. It can be applied by fogging, spraying or aerially. Avian Control’s gentle formula can be used around people, plants and animals for as long as two weeks. It’s also cost effective, costing as low as $12.50 per acre. Visit our shop or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Keeping Crows Away From Your Halloween Guests
Keep crows away this Halloween with these suggestions.
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Keeping Crows Away From Halloween Guests