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Removing Pigeons from Your Outdoor Living Space


You’re not alone in your pigeon problem. Pigeons are an issue in both major cities and suburbs, and while the environments may be different, the methods of prevention or removal remain mostly the same. Below we share some of the most popular methods for pigeon removal and which one works the best, without affecting the appeal of your home.

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Chemical Bird Repellent vs. Electronic Bird Control

Whether at your home, business or farm, nuisance birds can cause major damage and create potential safety hazards for employees, guests and loved ones. While there are many forms of bird control on the market, it is important to consider the pros and cons of homemade bird repellent and products available on the market before choosing the right one to suit your individual needs. Two of the most common forms of bird control – electronic devices and chemical bird repellents – are examined below to help you decide which type of bird control is best for you.

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birdbuffer and avian enterprises

BirdBuffer Offers Avian Enterprises Bird Repellent

Avian Enterprises is ecstatic to announce our partnership with BirdBuffer®, the automated, eco-friendly bird control vapor systems you can trust. Together, Avian Enterprises and BirdBuffer® work for bird control where others fail. Here are some of the new BirdBuffer® units that are compatible with Avian Control, one of Avian Enterprises many products.

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