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Why You Shouldn’t Use Electronic Devices For Bird Control

There are several aspects to consider when purchasing a bird repellent that perfectly fits the bill, from bird control efficiency to whether the chemicals are non-toxic or how much it may affect its surroundings. While technology has provided us the opportunity to improve most aspects of our daily lives, liquid bird repellents may still be the best option for bird control no matter how sophisticated electronic bird control contraptions become. Follow these guidelines to understand why you shouldn’t use electronic devices for bird control.

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Birds in Your Barn? Keep Them Away!

swallow-970341_640Are pesky birds becoming a concern for your barn and barn animals? As winter approaches and many birds migrate from their summer nests to new places, non-migratory birds will often look for a warmer area to create their new home. As barns are a safe nesting area for practically any weather conditions, your barn could easily be chosen. This becomes an issue as birds will consume and contaminate your barn animal’s food and water, potentially making your barn unsanitary for livestock. Try these helpful tips to ensure that your barn is and will be bird-free.

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How To Repel Barn Swallows During Cold Months

There aren’t many birds as determined as the barn swallow. Swallows eat insects and are known to build nests in and around barns and other structures. While these birds are largely tolerated because they feed on insects that people are generally annoyed by, one location they are not welcome is in your barn. Because of federal regulations, it’s important to know some safe and legal ways to repel barn swallows during the upcoming cold months. Here’s everything you need to know about legal barn swallow bird control.

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