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Protecting Your Florida Blueberries: Everything You Need to Know

Blueberries are a popular crop for Florida farmers and, unfortunately, they’re also popular with birds. Let’s examine the common protection practices of Florida farmers, and what makes farming blueberries in Florida unique.  Florida’s Blueberry Species  Florida blueberries are different because…

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bird on a wooden ledge

Three Ways to Keep Birds Away From the Patio, Porch and Deck

The sound of chirping birds is a telltale sign of summer days. It’s the background to family barbecues, late night bonfires, all day pool parties and early morning coffees in the garden. While the singing can trigger sunny memories, if these birds take claim to your patio, the summer nostalgia can quickly wear off. Waking up to morning chirping and constantly cleaning up bird droppings can change your feelings on these feathered friends.

To keep your home clean and quiet—and to maintain your appreciation for these creatures—we recommend trying some of these simple tricks to keep birds away from your patio, porch or deck.

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