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An international agricultural conglomerate, through its Product Development Department and Agrochemical Division, conducted field testing of Avian Control® on millet, sunflowers, corn, cherries and wheat crops in a number of provinces. The testing began in spring 2013 and ended in August 2013. The extensive testing was designed to measure the efficacy and lasting period of Avian Control® on sparrows, magpies, pheasants and other pest birds.

The effectiveness of Avian Control was supported by the farmers who tested it, and interviews those farmers said that there was “a significant difference between treated places and the untreated places”.

“The Avian Control worked extremely well this year on our cherry crop. The orchard was noticeably quieter compared to last year and the amount of damage was significantly less. The Avian Control made our orchard a place the birds did not want to be and the packouts proved they were not eating our cherries this year. We applied the product twice but because of the length of the harvest, we think a third application will produce the ultimate control. We will definitely be using Avian Control again next season to eliminate the bird damage.”

Randy Rajkovich Panoche Westside Farms Stockton, CA

“It was an ALL OUT WAR with blackbirds. Moderate to lots of damage last month. I started using your product and now the war on birds is going great!! We have been picking on patch #5 (still

“We sprayed once and the birds left us completely alone! We sprayed a quart to the acre on our sweet corn after the birds started ravaging it a few days ago and Avian Control acted as an IRON DOME over our corn! This is the best “fence” we could have used. None of the birds bother the corn anymore.”

Ernie Costantino Costantino Farms Canton, MI

“It’s nice to use something that really works! I sprayed a quart to the acre with my Highboy sprayer with drop nozzles. There were 200-300 Sparrows in my sweet corn acres the day I sprayed, eating the ear! They were obviously disturbed when I started spraying and flew away. The next day there were only 50 birds, only this time they weren’t eating the ear, they were just hovering around the tassels. The following day there were only 5 birds just on the tassles and not eating the ear. Today, there are zero birds in my corn! Before I started spraying Avian Control I estimate that I lost 30% of my corn. Three days later there are no birds at all!”

Mark Yaeger
Mark Yaeger Farms
Dekalb, IL