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“My experience is limited to some observations on blueberry for several bird species: Blue Jays, Wrens, Black birds, Cardinals, Robbins and finches and others. I made three applications every two weeks at the low rate (32 ounces per acre) of Avian Control® to several Rabbit eye Blueberry plants in June of 2012 in Raleigh, NC. Several nearby blueberry bushes did not receive any Avian Control®. Those that received no Avian Control® had extensive bird damage with small pecks (more than 40 percent) in the fruit and major fruit drop (more than 75 percent). Those blueberry bushes receiving Avian Control® had very few pecks in the fruit (less than 5 percent) and with fruit drop less than 5 percent. Obviously bird droppings were minimized on the treated plants.”

Dr. Kenneth A Sorensen
Professor Emeritus
Department of Entomology
North Carolina State University

American Nurseryman

The EPA registered bird repellent, Avian Control, is featured in American Nurseryman. Check out the page to see what they had to say about one of the hot products in commercial horticulture. Read the newsletter here.

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Avian Control Featured in Vegetable Growers News

Avian Enterprises was recently mentioned in Vegetable Growers News. The article discusses the recent EPA approval of our product Avian Control. Read the full article from Vegetable Growers News here.

Avian Control is a liquid bird repellent used to reduce crop damage caused by foraging birds. Our non-lethal formula allows for lasting effects without harming the bird or surrounding environment.

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General Aviation News

Check out this article from General Aviation News talks about how Avian Control was approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW). The link to the article is here. Read it to learn all about what it means for Avian Enterprises.

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CBS/WWJ Newsradio 950

Avian Control was recently featured on CBS Detroit. Check out the article here that discusses the company’s new announcement.

“Sylvan Lake-based Stone Soap, a longtime maker of car wash detergent, announced it had Environmental Protection Agency approval for its first chemical foray into bird aversion products.”

The CBS/WWJ Newsradio article also mentions the use of Avian Control at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). Around hangers and planes, the airport has found Avian products to be more successful than previous solutions and with a longer period of effectiveness.

Now with EPA approval, Avian Control can continue to expand its applications for bird repellent products.

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