How To Prepare Your Cherries For The Season

  • Research types and tactics
  • Find the perfect location
  • Perform necessary maintenance

Do you love the taste of a freshly picked cherry? As spring continues on its way, it is time to begin growing again. Start off strong this year and make sure you’re prepared for a successful cherry season with these helpful tips.

Research: The First Step

How can you be expected to raise tasty cherries without knowing the basic ins and outs of cherry growing? You can’t! Because of this, research is crucial to help you prepare. While some cherries are eaten as snacks, others are used for pies. Each use has its own specific growing instructions. Find out what works best for your cherries before planting.

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Location, Location, Location

It’s time to find the perfect location to begin growing your cherries, but what does this look like? Don’t find any old place for your fruit. Instead, choose a prime cherry-planting site with well-drained soil, proper air circulation and plenty of sunshine.

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cherry-treeMaintenance Is Essential

After planting, don’t just take the wait-and-see approach. To prepare and raise beautiful cherries, there is a great deal of hard work involved. Apply mulch, prune, spray and water as directed. For extra maintenance you can use fertilizer, but be sure to fertilize the soil, not the cherry tree itself.

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Prepare For Cherry Season With Avian Enterprises

All of your hard work will lead to beautiful cherries later on. The only downside: birds will definitely be tempted by the finished product. Stop birds before they become a problem by protecting your cherries with an effective repellent from Avian Enterprises. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

How To Prepare Your Cherries For The Season
Find out what you can start doing to prepare your cherries for the season with Avian Enterprises.
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How To Prepare Your Cherries For The Season