Things to Know When Preparing For Wine Growing Season

Wine grapes growing

As you begin the craft of making wine from the vine, it all begins from the ground up. Crops will flourish with the right planning, preparation and maintenance. However, one must be both aware and prepared for threats along the way. There are many steps to strategizing the grape growing process and in order to do so, you must prepare for wine growing season. 

Grapes are typically planted in late winter and early spring to be most ripe by early fall. To best prepare for the growing season, it’s important to:

  • Prepare the soil
  • Lock in the location
  • Protect against threats
  • Have solution plans in place

Prepare the Soil

Plan your final product before preparing your soil. Healthy soil provides your plants with the nutrients and support they need in order to grow from the burrowed roots to the final fruit. You must know the final wine type to plan for which grapes to grow. This will also determine the best soil type for your product. Other factors of determining soil type include climate, elevation, vine type, roots and more.

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Lock in the Locationwine grapes

Choosing the growing spot is an essential step in preparation. When planting your vines, be sure to consider a location that receives the best sun exposure. According to Monrovia, grapes need 7-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. The plant company also states that grapes need 50-100 square feet per vine if on a vertical trellis and horizontal rows need to be spaced 8 feet apart. These distances need to be kept in mind when deciding on location and if you have space. Another factor of location is the amount of rainfall. Plants benefit from rain, but too much rain can be harmful. If this is the case, make sure there is a drainage system so the plants don’t drown with too much water. 

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Protect Against Treats

During the growing season, there are a handful of threats likely to appear along the way. From weather to mildew, fungi, and bacteria, there are organisms that can damage the crops in the process of growing. Once the crops begin to flourish and the grapes ripen, hungry animals begin to appear including birds, deer, rodents, etc. In order to prepare for wine growing season, make sure to plan for solutions to these potential threats. 

Some solutions include:

  • Liquid Bird Repellent 
  • Alternate Food Sources
  • Netting 
  • Fences
  • Scare Tactics

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Apply Liquid Bird Repellent

Liquid bird control sprays provide lasting, effective bird prevention for a variety of industries. Non-lethal and non-toxic, these sprays deter birds from your properties without causing any harm to the bird, your fruit, or the surrounding environment! Liquid bird control comes in a variety of forms, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Provide Alternative Food Sources

Try giving animals something else to snack on other than your fresh grapes for harvest. Place bird feeders filled with seed or grain around the outskirts of your property. This option can prevent feathered thieves from stealing your fruits or damaging crops. 

Beware that providing alternative food sources can sometimes draw more birds to your property, and risks providing direct access to your wine grapes. 

Protect Your Wine Grapes From Birds With Avian Control

Don’t let birds rob you of your wine grape harvest. Instead, try a non-lethal liquid bird repellent that won’t damage your crops. Avian Control is effective enough to banish birds without altering the taste of your wine grapes. Shop today or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Things to Know When Preparing For Wine Growing Season