How to Protect Your Blueberries From Birds

  • Assemble your netting
  • Buy some snakes
  • Put out reflective defenses

It’s summer, which means it’s time for some sweet blueberries. If you’re a grower, you know you aren’t the only one who’s excited for those tasty fruits to appear. Birds are on the hunt for crops and your blueberries will be their first stop. Luckily, there are plenty of tactics to protect your delightful berries from pesky birds.

Put Your Netting Up

Netting is a tried and true tactic. Simply measure the area you will be covering and purchase some netting from your local gardening store. Then, all you have to do is assemble. Cut the net to fit the area you want to protect and secure into the ground, making sure to cover all your berries. Although it’s a good way to keep the birds out, netting can be difficult to maneuver and is expensive.

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Purchase a Few Snakesblueberry

No, not real snakes. Visit the dollar store and pick up some rubber snakes. By placing the snakes around your blueberry plants, you can frighten away any hungry birds. It’s important to move your fake snakes around often. If birds notice the snakes are not moving, they’ll know something’s up. This tactic is effective if you’re looking to stall while you secure a more longstanding prevention method.

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Try Some Reflective Defense

Reflective surfaces work by causing a visual disturbance to birds. You can purchase reflective pinwheels, streamers or other shiny objects and place them on or around your plants. Just like the snakes, though, birds will learn that these objects aren’t really going to harm them.

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Use a Bird Repellent that Works

Instead of settling for temporary fixes and complicated netting, try something that works. Avian Control is an EPA-friendly deterrent that is easy-to-use, affordable and gentle on your plants. Its long-lasting formula will work for up to two weeks outside, even longer indoors. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

How to Protect Your Blueberries From Birds
Learn how Avian Enterprises can protect your blueberry plants from birds.
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How to Protect Your Blueberries From Birds