How to Protect Your Corn Crop from Problem Birds

field of young corn plants

Summertime is peak sweet corn season, which means it’s also the prime time for birds to eat away the hard work you’ve put in to grow corn crops.

Looking for ways to protect corn seedlings or protect existing crops? Keep reading to explore best practices to keep birds away from your field.

Protecting Your New Plants

If you’re just starting your corn crop, there are a few options for protecting seedlings from pesky critters. First, it’s important to plant seedlings deep enough in the ground so that birds cannot get a hold of them. Plant seedlings at least one and a half inches into the soil to protect them from birds.

After seedlings are planted, protect them as they mature by covering with bird netting. Make sure to adjust the netting as the crop grows. This will ensure there isn’t space for birds to get in underneath the netting.

Note: Bird netting works best for smaller crop groupings. Netting can be time-consuming to install with larger-scale cornfields.

Protecting Grown Plants

Once your crop begins to produce ears, try covering them with brown paper bags. Make sure to wait until the corn is pollinated before covering with brown paper bags. The corn silks on top of each ear will be a light brown color when the corn is pollinated and can be covered. This is a great option to combine with netting for an extra layer of protection.

Another solution to protect corn crops is to use scarecrows or predatory bird statues. If you install scarecrows, cover them with reflective pieces of foil. Remember to move the scarecrows often so birds do not get accustomed to the sight of them and learn to ignore the deterrent.

Motion-activated sprinklers and lights also work well to scare off nuisance birds. The water from the sprinkler can scare away birds without injuring them. Flashing lights placed near crops will provide a visual deterrent to scare birds away. However, purchasing multiple light fixtures for large crop areas may be expensive.

Use a Liquid Bird Repellent

Avian Control is the best solution for protecting small crops and large fields. This EPA-registered, non-toxic, and non-lethal bird repellent will safely and effectively keep your corn safe. Check out our shop to find out more information about our products or contact our sales team at 888.868.1982 to learn more.

How to Protect Your Corn Crop from Problem Birds

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