Protect Your Garage From Unwanted Birds


Throughout the winter, you might find a growing amount of birds around your home. This might be because birds are seeking a warm place to nest and your garage is the perfect place for them. Check out these ways to make your garage unattractive to birds.

Do Not Store Food In Your Garage

Avoid storing anything birds would be attracted to, especially bird seed or other food a bird might want to ingest. If you keep other food in your garage, make sure they are properly stored in a sealed container.

birdsKeep Your Garage Door Closed

If you leave your garage open for an extended period of time, that might be a welcoming sign for birds. This open invitation causes them to enter and make a nest. Once they find a place to nest they usually tend to stick around for a while.

Check Out Avian Fog Force TR

If you are tired of being cautious around your garage and using other tactics to keep birds away, try Avian Fog Force TR! It’s a non-lethal automated time released aerosol bird repellent. Avian Fog Force TR is mild enough to use around people and animals. Avian Fog Force TR’s low-cost is an effective solution for up to two weeks outdoors and even longer indoors. Contact us or give us a call to find more out about Avian Fog Force TR or our other available products.

Protect Your Garage From Unwanted Birds
Learn how Avian Fog Force TR can help keep the birds out of your garage this winter.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Protect Your Garage From Unwanted Birds