Protecting Blueberries From Birds

  • Frighten pest birds
  • Mix up your landscape
  • Call a professional

As a farmer, you know there are many potential threats to your blueberries. From drastic temperature changes to animals and pest birds, it’s important to know how to protect your blueberries. When it comes to protecting blueberries from birds, it pays to have a plan in place. As agricultural methods continue to evolve and improve, so do your options for pest control.

Scare Away Pest Birds

From high pitched alarms to the old-fashioned scarecrow, there are many methods that can be used to keep birds away. Place the objects around your blueberries to stop birds from entering the premises. Make sure to move them around so the birds don’t get used to their placement. Although these may work temporarily, it’s likely that the birds will eventually return.

Refresh Your Landscape

Your property may be the cause of your bird problems. Mix up the area around your blueberries to make it unpleasing to the birds. Here are a few changes to try:

  • If you have any open water it needs to be filled inblueberry field
  • Don’t leave any food around your property for the pests to eat
  • Anywhere you think would make a good nesting spot should be covered to keep birds out

Tip: These tactics may stop birds from living on your land, but it won’t keep them from making a mess everywhere.

Have the Birds Professionally Removed

If all else fails, you can try having the birds removed by a professional. Hire a Wildlife Expert to come out and see your bird situation. They can set traps for all the birds. Once caught the wildlife expert can take the birds somewhere new and release them. Keep in mind, the birds will still have the ability to return to your blueberry bushes.

Let Avian Enterprises Help Your Blueberries

If you’re tired of using products and tactics that don’t last, try Avian Control, a product of Avian Enterprises. It works by teaching birds to steer clear of your blueberries. It is long-lasting, easy-to-use and costs as low as $12.50 per acreContact us at 888.868.1982 to learn more about how you can benefit from Avian Control.

Protecting Blueberries From Birds
Have Avian Enterprises help you keep the pest birds off of your precious blueberries.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Protecting Blueberries From Birds