Say Goodbye to Corn Pests: Tips for Protecting Corn Crops and Fields

Corn Field free of pests

Growing crops takes a lot of time and energy. Taking the time to prep soil, plant seeds and continue to care for the crop as it begins to root, flower and mature into the finished product. Who would want their hard work destroyed?  During this process, it’s rewarding to see hard work pay off. As corn crops begin to peak this summer, farmers aren’t the only ones getting excited. Birds often feed on crops, especially corn. From the seedling to the full cob, birds are looking to snack on your corn crops this summer. Here are some ideas for preventing corn pests.


A common way to keep birds away is with visual devices. This inexpensive method can range from a variety of visual illusions. Fake decoys can make the field appear occupied by a potential predator. Some examples include scarecrows, owls, hawks, colorful streamers or shiny, reflective items. Reflective objects can frighten birds, discouraging them from bothering your corn. 

Tip: Dress your scarecrow in flowy clothing to appear it’s moving. Also add reflective material to make sure it’s visible. Other tips for visual decoys that can effectively serve as bird repellent include: 

  • Moving them often, so birds don’t get used to them
  • Making sure they are easily visible to pesky birds
  • Alternating between different tactics to avoid birds becoming accustomed to your deterrents 

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Noise Deterrent

Various sound machines can scare off birds. One option is sound cannons that can project sounds of distress or sounds of predators. This can easily keep corn pests away, however, this could be disruptive to neighbors. 

Electronic noisemakers are another option to send out a frequency warning birds to stay away. There are different types of noisemakers but some are only audible to birds which would be helpful to both you and your neighbors. 

Propane exploders can also be used to scare off birds using sound. These machines can be set to a certain time to go off. Sound machines are meant to make birds feel in danger and leave. Different sounds machines can produce:

  • Predatory bird calls
  • Bird distress calls
  • Loud or disruptive noises 


Once corn seedlings are planted, cover them with netting. Measure the area of your cornfield prior to heading to the store. Once you buy the proper weight and size of netting for your bird needs, cover your seedlings or stalks for protection. This method can be more expensive and doesn’t guarantee full protection. Cheap netting can be easily broken and even high-quality netting can’t always keep everything out.

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Sweet Corn Bird Control

The most effective form of sweet corn bird control is Avian Control. It is an EPA-registered liquid bird repellent that teaches birds to stay away. Avian Control offers many benefits, including:

  • A reduction in bird droppings that can damage sweet corn
  • Lasting power for up to 2 weeks outdoors, even longer indoors
  • Easy application methods
  • No alterations in sweet corn crop growth, appearance or taste

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Protect Your Corn with Avian Enterprises

Don’t waste your time and money trying inefficient tactics to get rid of birds. Avian Control, a product of Avian Enterprises, is effective, long-lasting and affordable at as low as $12.50 per acre. When finding sweet corn bird control, trust Avian Control. Shop now!

Say Goodbye to Corn Pests: Tips for Protecting Corn Crops and Fields