Spring into Blueberry Growing Season with Bird Control

  • Implementing bird control prevents loss of berries
  • Weigh the pros and cons of traditional bird control methods
  • Liquid or chemical bird repellents provide humane bird control options

Early spring signals the start of the blueberry growing season, making it the perfect time for pest birds to swarm your berry bushes and gardens. To prevent nuisance birds from taking advantage of your budding blueberries, it is vital to invest in a safe and effective form of bird control. Learn about the importance of bird control during the growing season with these helpful tips to keep birds off your berries!

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Protect Blueberry Crops From BirdsThe Importance of Bird Control During Growing Season

As an enticing form of nourishment, birds will flock to your blueberries throughout the growing season. Blueberries should be protected using bird control methods that prevent birds from damaging and ultimately destroying the crops. While there are many forms of bird control available to berry growers, certain options are safer and more powerful than others. With the right form of bird control, you can:

  • Stop birds from pecking at or eating blueberries
  • Prevent birds from damaging shoots and buds
  • Keep blueberries safe from bird droppings and contamination
  • Save thousands of dollars in labor and crop losses

Choosing the Best Form of Bird Control for Blueberry Crops

When choosing the right form of bird control to protect your blueberries, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each form. The use of scarecrows and plastic decoys to frighten birds is a common practice, but can be ineffective over time as birds realize that the scarecrow is actually harmless. A similar problem can be experienced with noise-making devices. When using bird spikes, gels, or bird wire as bird control, keep in mind that animals may be harmed if they become entangled or caught in sticky substances or wires.

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Humane and Effective Bird Control During Blueberry Growing Season

If you’re hoping to find the most humane and effective form of bird control to preserve your blueberry crops, a liquid or chemical bird repellent may be the right solution. With a liquid bird repellent, birds can be repelled for up to two weeks per treatment with no harm to birds, humans or other animals. Additional benefits of liquid bird repellent include:

  • No change to blueberry appearance, flavor or texture
  • Low cost of around $12.50 per acre/treatment
  • Reduced crop losses from birds of 37%-87%

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Use Avian Control to Keep Your Blueberry Crops Blooming!

With Avian Control liquid bird repellent, you can experience all of the benefits of bird control with none of the consequences. With our non-toxic formula, you can quickly and easily spray or fog your blueberry crops to start repelling birds immediately. Learn how Avian Control can preserve your berries and keep birds from costing you money by contacting us at 888.868.1982, today!

Spring into Blueberry Growing Season with Bird Control
Learn how to protect your blueberries with effective and lasting bird control from Avian Enterprises.
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Spring into Blueberry Growing Season with Bird Control