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Best Avian Control Applications for Dairy Barn Operators

Dairy barns can easily become infested with birds during the colder months. This pest bird infestation can lead to shortages in livestock feed, damage to barn structures and even help problems for humans and animals alike. Make sure your dairy barn stays bird free with Avian Enterprises. Our product, Avian Control, solves your bird problems for good.

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How To Repel Barn Swallows During Cold Months

There aren’t many birds as determined as the barn swallow. Swallows eat insects and are known to build nests in and around barns and other structures. While these birds are largely tolerated because they feed on insects that people are generally annoyed by, one location they are not welcome is in your barn. Because of federal regulations, it’s important to know some safe and legal ways to repel barn swallows during the upcoming cold months. Here’s everything you need to know about legal barn swallow bird control.

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Tips for Keeping Critters Away From Halloween Decorations

Halloween is right around the corner and now is the time to trim our homes with our favorite scary Halloween decorations. While jack o’lanterns, bales of hay and corn stalks are often the family favorite, there are several critters who enjoy your decorations for reasons other than celebrating Halloween. That’s right, your neighborhood furry friends often become unfriendly to the decorations in which you put in so much hard work. Follow these helpful tips for keeping critters away from Halloween decorations this fall season.

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