The Successful Sweet Corn Solution

corn field
  • Frighten birds with exploders
  • Block birds with netting
  • Implement a scarecrow

There is nothing better than fresh sweet corn straight from the field, and this growing season could be your best harvest yet. However, if the pesky birds are eating all of your corn before you get a taste, you need to take steps to protect those kernels. Here are some tricks for protecting your sweet corn from bothersome birds.

Boom! Bye Bye Birdie

Scare the birds away with exploders. Propane exploders fire off a loud sound cannon to frighten birds from feeding on your corn. If you notice birds seem to gather at certain times, you can program the exploders to go off around peak hours. Just remember, exploders are extremely loud, so if you have neighbors, make sure to talk to them before firing off a cannon.

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Set Up Your Net

It’s time to get out your measuring tape and head to the store. Bird netting can be a great way to prevent birds from eating away your delicious sweet corn field. Simply measure the area you’d like to cover and purchase the proper weight and size netting for your bird needs. Once you’ve found your ideal net, cover your stalks. This can be done either individually or on a field level.  

Keep in mind, just because they can’t touch your corn doesn’t mean the birds won’t ruin it. Netting doesn’t keep everything out, if you know what we mean.

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Oh No, Mr. Scarecrow

cornPutting out visual deterrents can work to scare birds away. Deterrents such as scarecrows, decoy foxes and reflective objects can frighten birds, discouraging them from bothering your corn. Some rules to keep in mind with visual deterrents, include:

  • Move them often, so birds don’t get used to them
  • Make sure they are easily visible to pesky birds
  • Alternate different tactics to avoid birds becoming accustomed to your deterrents and more.

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Avian Enterprises Can Work For You

If you don’t want to spend hours setting up devices to keep birds away, try something a bit more manageable. Avian Control is an easy to apply, long-lasting and inexpensive liquid bird repellent that can be sprayed or fogged over your corn. It is environmentally-friendly and mild enough to use around your corn, without altering the growth, taste or appearance. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

The Sweet Corn Solution
Let Avian Enterprises teach you how to keep pest birds away from your sweet corn this season.
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The Successful Sweet Corn Solution