5 Top Tips on How to Get Rid of Geese

Geese in water

To protect your property, you need to know how to get rid of geese. Once they get comfortable in an environment, they’re in for the long haul. If you don’t get rid of them quickly, geese can be a lingering problem. Especially since geese are known to be aggressive, loud, messy and a threat to fresh crops. 

Despite the damage or overall nuisance of this bird species, they are federally protected. You cannot and should not harm these animals, so it’s essential to have safe removal methods in mind. Whether it’s affecting your home, barn, business or farm, consider these top tips for getting rid of geese safely and legally. 

1. Block Off Resources

Geese are on the move for food and water. If your property has access to these resources, you may be attracting geese. Ponds are a main attraction for these birds. You can keep them away by placing netting, shrubbery or other barriers around the pond so it doesn’t become a hang out spot for geese. 

Be wary of trash near dumpsters around the property. If you have any kind of open garbage, bird feed or barn feed, they should be in enclosed areas to block or completely remove resources from being accessible to unwanted creatures. 

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2. Display Decoys

Floating swan statues are a good decoy to use near ponds. Since geese are attracted to ponds, making it appear to be claimed by swans can keep the geese out. Another option for decoys can be of predators. This can include:

  • Coyotes
  • Hawks
  • Foxes
  • Snakes
  • Raccoons

There are various predators of geese you can put out. However, keep in mind that geese will catch on to the placement of statues. It is crucial to continue to move the decoy to different locations for an effective illusion.

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3. Grow Your Grass

Freshly mowed lawns are a paradise for geese. With short grass, they are able to see their predators and keep an eye out of the land. Growing grass out to be longer can be the answer to how to get rid of geese.

If mowing your lawn is a must, the alternative is to place shrubbery or plants around your yard. Since geese prefer open areas, tall plants can interrupt their mission. When maintaining your lawn, sprinklers are beneficial for two reasons: watering your grass and scaring off geese. 

While geese do enjoy bathing in water and hanging out near ponds, they do fear being splashed by an unknown source. Therefore, sprinklers can help keep geese off your property. 

4. Use Audio Deterrents 

A common method for scaring off birds is by using sound tactics. There are many sounds that can scare geese away from your property. Some options are:

  • Sound machines. Predatory calls or distressed goose calls are played to scare off geese.
  • Propane cannons. Loud noises will scare geese away from the area. 
  • Windchimes. This unique sound is known to startle animals including geese to deter them.
  • Ultrasonic frequencies. Frequencies above the human range of hearing cause geese to become disoriented. 

Similar to decoys, geese can catch on to these tactics. Trying out different audio deterrents over a period of time can keep geese guessing and scared of your property. 

5. Liquid Repellent 

An easy and effective product to deter geese is liquid bird repellent. This solution eliminates any hassle of moving around decoys or changing up audio deterrents. Liquid repellent can be sprayed on a geese populated area to keep them away safely. 

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How to Get Rid of Geese with Avian Enterprises

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5 Top Tips on How to Get Rid of Geese