Where Do All the Barn Swallows Go in the Winter?

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Many people take notice to the unusual quietness of their barn during the winter months. This is often because they’re used to seeing blue barn swallows nesting and thriving on their property during the summer. Without their loud chirping and messy droppings, you may forget about the problems these pest birds can cause on your property. So where do all the barn swallows go during the winter?

Barn Swallows Fly South!telephone pole

As soon as the weather begins to cool, barn swallows fly south in search of warm weather, insects and other food sources. Birds typically fly to Central America but have been known to make it all the way to South America. Telephone lines will show tell-tale signs of barn swallow migration. You can often spot swallows stopping to rest on phone lines during their travels.

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The Yearly Cycle

Following an annual cycle, barn swallows live in different locations at different times of the year. While this cycle does not perfectly predict where you’ll find swallows during specific months, it does provide a rough estimate of where and when you can expect to see them:

  • April – September: Barn swallows migrate to North America in early spring. Here, they will nest and breed, often returning to the same locations and reusing the same nests for years. As late fall approaches and winter chills begin, the birds start their travels south.
  • October – March: Swallows spend their winter months in warmer climates throughout Central and South America. When the weather begins to warm again in northern regions, they head back to the United States and Canada. In early spring, you will gradually start to hear their chirps again and see them zipping around your area in greater numbers.

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What Can Affect Barn Swallow Migration Patterns?

The migration patterns of barn swallows can change depending on certain conditions. Climate change, deforestation and problems at stopover sites are just a few factors that can impact how barn swallows travel. Although these factors can influence migration patterns, swallows will still follow similar paths throughout the year. Barn swallows are a very widespread species found around the world, and you are likely to see them again no matter the conditions.

Be Prepared with Avian Enterprises

While barn swallows may be heading south soon, it is never too early to begin preparing for their inevitable return. These birds are high in population and thrive in their close association with humans and man-made structures. If you’ve ever seen them in your barns, chances are you’ll be seeing them coming back for years to come. With the right preparations, you can successfully keep these birds out and protect your buildings, equipment and other property. Our simple solution, Avian Migrate can help keep the barn swallows out of your barn!

Where Do All The Barn Swallows Go In The Winter?
Learn about the migration patterns of barn swallows with Avian Enterprises.
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Where Do All the Barn Swallows Go in the Winter?