Why You Shouldn’t Use Electronic Devices For Bird Control

There are several aspects to consider when purchasing a bird repellent that perfectly fits the bill, from bird control efficiency to whether the chemicals are non-toxic or how much it may affect its surroundings. While technology has provided us the opportunity to improve most aspects of our daily lives, liquid bird repellents may still be the best option for bird control no matter how sophisticated electronic bird control contraptions become. Follow these guidelines to understand why you shouldn’t use electronic devices for bird control.

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Questions to Ask When Researching Electronic Bird Control

When searching for the right repellent it is important to understand the marina bird controlprotocol you should follow while remaining within your budget. While there are several reasons to invest in bird control, you should question how and why electronic bird repellents do not accel in this market.


First and foremost, it is important to be certain that the bird repellent product you purchase will keep your property bird-free. As repellent abilities only stretch so far, electronic bird repellents will oftentimes only work in the small, designated area in which they have been placed. If you have a high volume of land you need to be bird-free, you may want to avoid electronic repellents.


A common complaint regarding electronic bird repellents is the fact that they makes a lot of noise. Most electronic bird repellents are designed to simulate the sounds of bird predators. Generally, this will become a whole new disturbance of its own. What good is a repellent if it is unsettling to you and your family?

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Repels ALL Birds?How to Repell Birds

As mentioned before, these electronic repellents will simulate the sound of predators. But what if you have an infestation of multiple birds that have different predators? Electronic bird repellent users will be forced to constantly adjust the repellent’s settings to get rid of each set of birds. Fortunately, there is a bird repellent on the market that does not have any of these issues.

Apply Avian Control: The Liquid Bird Repellent that Works

Avian Control’s liquid bird repellent is an EPA-registered product created to deter birds of all species on virtually any grounds: residential, agricultural or commercial. Avian Control can easily be applied to your preferred surface: concrete, grass, trees or crops and ensures birds to be gone for good! Major benefits of using Avian Control include:

    • Non-toxic to all species, including humans pets and even the birds
    • Simple application methods such as from the ground or air
    • Cost-effective – at the bargain price of $12.50 per/treatment/acre
    • Long-lasting for up to two weeks between sprays!

Choose Avian Control Liquid Bird Repellent to Deter Birds, Today!

Take control of your land with the use of Avian Control, the efficient liquid bird repellent. Avian Control offers products in a variety of sizes to ensure you have enough to make those pesky birds a thing of the past! Contact us today or call 888.868.1982 to keep birds away year-round.


Why You Shouldn’t Use Electronic Devices For Bird Control
Learn why using electronic devices to scare birds away doesn't work with Avian Enterprises.
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Why You Shouldn’t Use Electronic Devices For Bird Control