Techniques to Help Avert Geese From Your Commercial Business

Flock of geese
  • Don’t give them food
  • Make a barrier
  • Use a liquid goose repellent

You don’t have to look far to find a gaggle of geese taking their daily stroll. Finding out how to keep geese away from your commercial business without causing them or the environmental harm, can be challenging. Before taking drastic measures to solve your geese problem, here are a few ways we recommend handling the situation.

Don’t Feed The Birds!

Learn how to keep geese away from your commercial business with these tips!
Providing any type of food for these unwelcome visitors can lead to groups of geese congregating around your business. To help prevent this, install signs that will remind your guests and workers to not feed the geese. If geese become accustomed to getting fed, they may lose their fear of humans and start to linger on your premises. Just because they aren’t getting food from your customers and workers doesn’t mean they’ll leave your land alone.

Create A Barrier

Keep geese away by adding a barrier fence to your property. The fence will need to be at least 30 inches high to prevent molted geese (non-flighted) from making their way over the barrier. Barriers can be constructed from plastic snow fence, woven wire, string, chain link, nylon tape or chicken wire. Keep in mind, this process can be time-consuming and won’t stop flighted birds from entering your premises.

Try our Goose Repellent, Avian Migrate

You may find that the measures listed above aren’t quite enough to keep geese away from your commercial business. But Avian Migrate, an EPA-registered liquid repellent from Avian Enterprises, will ensure those pesky geese will never want to return. Not only is it effective, but it is also made of all food-grade ingredients, making it mild enough for use around people and animals. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 to learn more about how your commercial business can benefit from Avian Migrate today!

How To Keep Geese Away From Your Commercial Business
Learn how you can keep geese away from your business with Avian Enterprises.
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Techniques to Help Avert Geese From Your Commercial Business