Keeping Geese Away from Your Commercial Building

A Canadian Goose with her goslings.

Canadian Geese have drastically increased in population over the years and are now invading retail shops, office buildings, warehouses, and any other commercial structure with manicured grass and water access. However, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t let) these geese take claim to your space.

Why you should take geese seriously

If not dealt with properly, geese will quickly take over any open space on your property, creating loud noises, eating carefully-grown grass, dirtying up your ponds, and leaving behind a mess of unsightly and unsanitary feces across your property. However, those are the least of your problems when a gang of geese decides to take over your commercial

Known for their aggressive behaviors, these territorial creatures can quickly turn into mean, nipping safety hazards for anyone trying to enter your building. They’ll take over outdoor lunch spaces, chase away potential customers, and create barriers to your entrance ways that are more effective than any security system you have installed.

How to keep geese off your property

If these birds have finished feasting on your neighbor’s lawn and are starting to waddle on over to your property for a taste of the greener side, don’t wait to take action.

The longer you let geese stay on your property, the harder they will be to drive away. Applying these methods sooner will make them more effective. However, even if the birds have returned for years to ruin your greenery and contaminate your ponds, there are still safe and effective ways to manage them.

Create a physical barrier

While they are completely able to fly, many geese still choose to waddle their way around. Setting up physical barriers such as hedges, fencing, or temporary structures (like chicken wire) is one way to discourage them from coming onto your property. However, this is often a costly and time-consuming solution that only lasts for a short time until the geese finally decide to fly in.

Make it less appealing

Geese tend to go for spots that have lush lawns, open spaces, and big ponds so they can spend their day eating, swimming, and chasing away people. One way to decrease the likeliness of geese nesting around your property is to remove water features, manage areas prone to flooding, or by blocking off ponds and other bodies of water with vegetation at least 2 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Although, many commercial companies don’t see this as an option because it detracts from the original purpose of their landscape and can be a costly undertaking that isn’t guaranteed to work.

Harass them back

We are not advising you to chase around the geese on your property (mostly because they’ll likely fight back) but you can find ways to annoy them off your property. Loud noisemakers such as blow horns and distress signal recordings can disturb their peaceful grazing while visual distractions like dangling reflective tape and predator decoys can scare them from landing or nesting.

Use a professional goose repellent

If you don’t want to waste time or money fruitlessly trying to chase geese away from your commercial business, choose a professional goose repellent that will provide nearly instant results. Avian Migrate effectively kicks out even the largest herds of geese and will prevent new ones from flying in. It’s also completely safe for the birds and any other animals or humans who may enjoy the space.

Shop now or contact one of our specialists to learn more about our EPA- registered products for geese control.


How To Keep Geese Away From Your Commercial Business
Learn how you can keep geese away from your business with Avian Enterprises.
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Keeping Geese Away from Your Commercial Building