The Best Way to Keep Geese Away From Your Business

Geese and Ducks in a park

Tired of geese on your property? Maybe they are bothering customers or making a mess on what was otherwise a clean and professional-looking storefront. If you want to take control of your business from those pesky geese, look no further. Below is a list of what areas geese like to call home the most, and some solutions for how to get rid of geese from your business.

Why Geese Choose Your Property or Business

Geese and other nuisance birds have a few main reasons why they want to congregate near your business or property. First and foremost, they want an area that is safe and has the potential to house their nests. Wide-open spaces with long lines of sight are perfect for geese because they make them feel safe, and allow them the opportunity to spot predators from a distance. These types of areas include:  

  • Parking lots
  • Public parks
  • Golf courses
  • Outdoor athletic fields (like soccer fields or baseball diamonds)

While open areas are common for geese to congregate, they will also nest near bushes, shrubs and more isolated areas. Use deterrent methods in these places as well to get rid of geese effectively. 

What Else Attracts Geese? 

Geese tend to seek areas that provide food and water. Food from your business, like scraps from a restaurant, or even naturally-occurring sources, will certainly attract them. 

It’s important to clear your property of any trash or litter as frequently as possible. Keeping trash bins and dumpsters secure is important for limiting any potential food sources from geese. Also, consider installing signs to remind patrons not to feed birds if they are present. Removing bird feeders should also be on your list of ways to eliminate food sources from geese. 

If you have a pond or body of water nearby, you will need to be even more proactive with your efforts to deter geese. Geese like bodies of water because they can stay safe from land predators. It also provides them with a place to bathe. Some species of geese prefer to mate in bodies of water as well. If you want to keep your small body of water clear of geese, diligent and frequent scare tactics will be needed. 

The Toronto Wildlife Centre has more information on common geese nesting habits, and proper precautions you should take if you find geese nesting on your property. 

Goose walking in a park

What’s the Best Way to Deter Geese?

Avian Migrate is the best solution to deter not only geese, but other invasive birds too. An EPA-approved, non-toxic bird repellent, Avian Migrate is safe to use around people, pets and other animals. All you have to do is simply spray the area you would like to keep bird-free. It can be applied by agricultural or portable spray equipment. 

The Avian Migrate product works best in areas like parking lots, golf courses and open spaces that geese like to call home. Spray near your business to effectively and safely deter birds, and keep your business clean and looking its best. 

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Why Use Avian Migrate?

Avian Migrate is the most effective way to deter birds, and requires little effort and time to use effectively. Common bird deterrents like netting or bird spikes require long, painstaking setup and can be expensive if you have a large area to protect. They may not be the most suitable for the most common areas geese like to call home. 

Some other solutions may work for a brief period of time, but as geese come back, they will become accustomed to your efforts, and therefore become desensitized. The Avian Migrate formula is proven to deter birds safely and effectively every time. 

Learn More About Avian Migrate

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The Best Way to Keep Geese Away From Your Business