How to Protect Blueberry Bushes from Birds

Blueberry Bush

When it comes to blueberries, humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy the tasty little treats. Birds like robins and starlings see your blueberry bushes as an easy meal. There are a handful of options when it comes to protecting your blueberry bushes from birds but not all are equally effective.

Using Bird Netting to Protect Your Blueberry Bushes

Birds are always going to try and feast on blueberry bushes. Therefore, there will be a need to protect blueberry bushes from avian predation.

One of the most common methods when it comes to protecting blueberries from birds is bush netting. Often chosen when dealing with birds, netting is readily available and relatively easy to install. However it has some disadvantages, including:

  • Damage branches
  • Slow New Bush Growth
  • Trap birds inside


Using Caging to Protect Your Blueberry Bushes

Another method of protection that berry farmers use to protect their berries is caging. This method also involves bird netting, but instead of draping it over the bushes, it’s fitted over u-shaped supports.

Caging fixes a few of the flaws that come with netting including damaging branches and slowing new growth. However, caging still has its flaws. It can still can trap birds inside the netting, it’s time-consuming and it’s not practical for large scale operations.

Using Liquid Bird Repellent for Protecting Blueberry Bushes

A method that is more effective and less time consuming than netting or caging is liquid bird repellent. Liquid bird repellent is an effective and harmless method to getting rid of unwanted birds.

Liquid bird repellent can be applied directly to the blueberry bushes on the ground or by plane in a relatively quick manner. Most liquid bird repellents work by irritating birds sensory nerves causing them to fly away from applied area

Avian Enterprises: The Solution to Your Blueberry Bandits

Avian Enterprises’ liquid bird repellent Avian Control helps remove unwanted birds from your blueberry bushes in a safe and effective way. Avian Control is EPA-registered and has mild enough ingredients to be used around humans and other animals.

How to Protect Blueberry Bushes from Birds
Learn how to protect blueberry bushes from birds with these methods.
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How to Protect Blueberry Bushes from Birds