How to Shield Your Fruit From Hungry Birds


Taking back your fruit crops from the greedy mouths of bothersome birds can feel like an endless battle. Birds are notorious for eating small pieces of fruit that not only damage crops, but also cost you a profit. Don’t fret if you are faced with this issue. There are several methods to help protect your fruit from these birds.

Learn how to protect fruit from birds with Avian Control bird repellent!Try Scaring Them Away

Due to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, many of the birds bothering and eating your fruit are protected from harmful methods of bird control. This means that when ridding your property of birds you’ll have to use non-lethal forms of prevention. Scare tactics are one popular choice. These options include:

  • Shiny pie tins that make loud noises when the wind blows
  • Electronic noise makers
  • Bird Netting and Scarecrows

What are the Long-Term Results?

When it comes to seeing a long-lasting effect, scare tactics aren’t always the best option. Scarecrows become a permanent fixture that the birds are used to seeing. If they know it’s not going to bother them they will come back around. Noise makers, bird netting and shiny objects have similar issues that all result in the inevitable return of the birds. Avian Migrate is a solution that is a non-lethal form of bird repellent that protects your fruit longer.

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Invest in Liquid Bird Repellent

Avian Migrate is a liquid bird repellent that is easy-to-use and has long-lasting results. The repellent has proven to not affect the taste, color or growth cycle of your crops. You also won’t have to worry about it being around other crops, your employees or animals either because the ingredients are mild enough to use around all of them. It’s time to protect your fruit from pesky birds. Get in touch with us today or visit our online bird repellent store for more information on Avian Migrate.

How to Shield Your Fruit From Hungry Birds
Learn how you can protect your fruits from birds with these tips.
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How to Shield Your Fruit From Hungry Birds