Do Scarecrows Really Work?

  • Make it flashy
  • Mix up locations
  • Change the style

Scarecrows were once the go-to solution to protect crops from birds. Today their name is synonymous with farms and gardens. With scarecrows being an age old bird control method, the question is, do they really work? The answer is, yes, if you’re willing to devote hours of time and effort weekly.

Make It Flashy

A static scarecrow is effective for a couple of days, but birds will eventually become aware that it never moves. To extend the effectiveness of your scarecrow, make it more flashy. This could include, but are not limited to:


  • Attaching reflective tape
  • Utilizing noise makers
  • Giving the scarecrow extra features, and more!

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Mix Up Locations

Many pesky birds are precocious of changes in their environment. Because of this, they are immediately wary of a scarecrows first appearance. After awhile, they adapt and understand the scarecrow is not an actual threat. Try moving the scarecrow around once a week, the change in environment will help scare the birds away from eating your crops.

Change the Style

Try and change something on your scarecrow every day. Simply giving your scarecrow a change of clothing can spook birds away. Make sure your scarecrows wardrobe is full of bright colors as these are the most effective at scaring birds.

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Scare Birds Away With Avian Control

Scarecrows work for a couple of days, but for consistent performance, you must put in much more time and maintenance. Avian Control, a product of Avian Enterprises, protects your gardens like a new scarecrow, but with consistent performance. Scarecrows don’t need a brain to see why Avian Control is better, with treatments lasting as long as two weeks and as cheap as $12.50 an acre! Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Do Scarecrows Really Work?
Learn if scarecrows really protect your garden with Avian Enterprises.
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Do Scarecrows Really Work?