Best Bird Repellents for Fall

As the weather starts to turn colder, birds start to prepare for the winter by foraging and scouting for new places to live. Keep them out of your yard, crops and commercial properties by trying one of the best bird repellents for fall.

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An Easy At-Home Fix

If you have an influx of pesky birds, many people will get creative with their bird deterrent methods. Some ideas you could try include:

plant netting bird protection

  • Hanging shiny objects – like CDs or aluminum foil – in trees as a scare tactic
  • Place statues of bird predators, like owls, around the affected area 
  • A physical barrier, like bird netting, is a good way to restrict birds from a specific area
  • Playing a recording of distressed birds is a simple way to keep birds away from your yard, fields or commercial area

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For the Best Results, Use a Bird Repellent Spray

While the above tricks may keep birds away for a short period of time, a bird repellent spray will yield better results for a longer amount of time. With so many bird repellents available, it’s important to consider what will really keep the birds away. A good bird repellent should:

  • Be EPA-registered to ensure the safety of the birds, other animals and people.
  • Cover many different types of birds to get the best results.
  • Have different application techniques.
  • Be effective for long-periods of time, even after the spray has faded away.

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Best Bird Repellents for Fall