How To Scare Birds Away

Birds can be a pain to deal with, whether you own commercial property or an agricultural business. Luckily there are ways to keep your property safe from these pest birds. Here are some of the best ways to scare birds away.

Determine What You’re Dealing With

Before you go out and try to scare away birds, it’s important to know what type of birds you are dealing with. Some methods are proven to work better on certain birds so be sure to do some bird watching and research. Look for droppings and nesting areas to help determine the species of bird that is causing you trouble.

Using Sound To Your Advantage

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Ultrasonics is the use of high pitch sounds to scare birds away. Usually these sounds are above 20k Hz, which is cannot be heard by most human ears. There are special devices that create these sounds and they usually come with speakers that can be placed in multiple areas. The downside to this method is that hearing range of birds is not that high so they might still come near your property before being scared off.

Another way to use sounds to scare away birds is by a distress signal call system. As a species, birds tend to warn each other of danger or potential danger. There are call systems designed to mimic those warning sounds to help keep birds away. It has been known that birds can differentiate between real and recording distress calls but, with today’s technology, digital versions are becoming more successful.

Placing Decoys

This is the method to use to literally scare birds away. Decoys like scarecrows, balloons, fake owls and even rubber snakes can be places to keep birds away. This method might work for a while, but generally birds catch on. After a while, they will be get used to whatever decoy you are using. Many times they will turn scarecrows into a comfortable perch. The best way to prevent things like this is to constantly be rotating and repositioning the decoy. This will keep the birds weary and make the decoy seem lively. This is why balloons are a popular pick.

Line Edges With Spikes

If you are in a commercial setting, using roosting wire or spikes is the best way to scare birds away. Birds want to perch on what they can, edges of buildings are perfect for that. This leaves whatever is below, which could be windows, cars or ever people, in harms way or bird droppings. Luckily, this has an easy fix. Installing roosting wire makes it impossible for birds to land on your building. The metal wire blocks their path giving them two options, sit on a spike or find somewhere else.

Hang Netting

As one of the oldest methods of bird deterrent, covering problem areas with netting has been proven to work. It might not be aesthetically pleasing, but it does the job. The few downsides to netting is that it can be a pain to install. Getting the right areas covered, or hanging nets inside the rafters of a building, will be challenging. Also, over time nets can stretch. This can lead to holes that birds can fit through.

A Spray That Keeps Birds Away

The best way to to scare birds away is by using a bird repellent spray. Products like Avian Control are designed to keep your agricultural or commercial land bird free. This is done by using cutting edge technology to efficiently repel undesirable birds. The EPA-registered formula is effective for up to two weeks. Not to mention it won’t harm any birds, humans or other animals (including household pets). For more information on Avian Control, or to place an order, call 888.868.1982.

How To Scare Birds Away
Learn how to scare birds away with Avian Entreprises.
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How To Scare Birds Away