How to Bird proof Hanging Baskets Around the Home

How to Bird proof Hanging Baskets Around the Home

As the weather begins to get warmer and everyone begins to purchase hanging baskets for the home, birds start crafting their own homes in those very baskets. Hanging baskets provide shade and security and serve as a convenient location for birds to nest. Once a bird nests in a hanging basket, it’s tough to get rid of them until the egg hatches and their babies fly away. To bird proof from nesting in hanging baskets altogether, try these preventative tips for bird control.

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Monitor Your Baskets

Once baskets are hung, routinely check for material such as feathers, twigs, grass, string and other objects. Routinely removing these objects can give birds a warning sign they should nest elsewhere.

Provide Other Nesting Spots

Building or buying a birdhouse or nesting box can make the nesting process easier for birds and bird proof hanging baskets.

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Create Uneven Soil

Inserting small objects, like toothpicks, can deter birds from making hanging basket their home. This makes the soil uneven and can make their nest uncomfortable for them, so they will move on to a more comfortable option.

Use Wire Mesh

Using chicken wire or other wire mesh around hanging baskets can prevent birds from nesting, but will cover the appearance of the plant. After birds are done nesting, the wire can be removed, but be careful, because some birds, barn swallows, are late nesters or nest multiple times a year.

Scare the BirdHow to Bird proof Hanging Baskets Around the Home

Another option for preventing birds from nesting in hanging baskets is scaring them. There are many options, like purchasing a fake predator like an owl or snake. However, birds are smart and can eventually realize that it is not real, so make sure to move the fake predator around the area. Additionally, streamers, balloons and aluminum foil on and around the hanging basket can scare them, but again, birds will realize these are not permanent.

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Prevent Spring Bird Nesting with Avian Control Spray

Bird proof hanging baskets before they have a chance to make a nest. Using Avian Control right after installing hanging baskets is a non-toxic way to repel birds from nesting. Applying Avian Control every two weeks prevents birds from nesting and is safe for your plants. Call 888.868.1982 or contact us online to place your order, today.  

How to Bird proof Hanging Baskets Around the Home
Let Avian Enterprises teach you how to bird proof your hanging plants around your house.
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How to Bird proof Hanging Baskets Around the Home