Protecting Berries from Birds

As the light at the end of the winter tunnel gets brighter, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about spring and summer gardening! Berries are a welcome sight in the warmer months of the year, but can be a delicious snack for pest birds before we even get the chance to enjoy them. Whether you are growing berries at your home, business or farm, preventing birds from feasting on all of your hard work is a must. Learn how easy protecting berries from birds can be throughout the growing season with these tips!

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Install Netting to Prevent PeckingInstall Netting to Prevent Pecking

Draping netting over or around berry shrubs and bushes can keep birds from pecking at or eating the fruit. While this method of protecting your harvest can keep birds from physically reaching berries, they can still swarm and gather around the plants, creating messy cleanup. Additionally, birds and other wildlife may become tangled or caught in netting, leading to injury and harm to the animals. Protecting fruit shouldn’t come at the cost of harming birds – especially federally protected ones – so be sure to take precautions to use the right size netting and proper materials.

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Use Scarecrows to Frighten Birds Away

Scarecrows are certainly one of the most traditional methods of keeping birds away from fruit and berry harvests. Scarecrows can come in the form of predatory birds (like owls or hawks), other animals that birds naturally fear, or the traditional human-shaped scarecrow. Tips to get the most use out of your scarecrow include:Scarecrows and Decoys to Scare Birds Away

  • Rotate the position of the scarecrow to prevent birds from realizing it’s fake
  • Purchasing electronic scarecrows that move automatically or when a sensor is triggered
  • Moving the location of the scarecrow altogether at least once every few days

Invest in Long-Term Bird Control Methods

A long-term, effective method of protecting berry crops from birds is an investment in electronic or liquid bird repellent. There are many varieties of electronic and liquid bird control, including noise-making devices, sprays and gels. The benefits of repelling birds using these methods include:

  • No harm to birds or animals
  • Minimal labor and maintenance work
  • Repels birds over a wide area
  • No effect on fruit taste, growth or appearance – with the right bird control for crops

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Protecting Berries from Birds with Avian Control is Safe and Easy!

Avian Control is a liquid bird repellent that can be sprayed or fogged on berries to protect them from nuisance birds all season long! The non-toxic formula is powerful enough to repel birds for up to two weeks per treatment, but gentle enough to be applied to crops with no side effects. Contact us to find out how Avian Control can help you grow and harvest beautiful berries without the hassle of pest birds. Call 888.868.1982 to place your order, today!

Protecting Berries from Birds
Learn how to keep birds off of your berries with help from Avian Enterprises.
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Protecting Berries from Birds