The Best Bird Control Products for Spring

Warmer temperatures and growing plants mean birds will be on the hunt for new sources of food at your home, garden or facility. If you’ve put in the time and effort to plant and prune for the spring, the last thing you want is for pest birds to reap the benefits before you do! Use the following tips to decide which form of bird control can help you make the most of your spring gardening.

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Scarecrows and Decoys to Scare BirdsScarecrows and Decoys to Scare Birds Away

Using decoys such as scarecrows and wooden or plastic replicas of bird predators can be an effective method of bird control in the spring. While the maintenance and upkeep of these decoys can be a hassle, if you move them around every few days, it will take birds longer to detect that they are fake. Predators such as owls, coyotes and raccoons make for excellent decoys that will control birds without the use of traps or chemicals.

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Bird Netting to Keep Birds from Pecking

Bird netting or mesh covering can be a formidable enemy against pest birds in the springtime months. If you are growing berries or other plants that are especially appealing to birds like raspberries and strawberries, using the correct method of application for netting is a must. Several ways to utilize this tool include:

  • Draping netting around fruit tree branches
  • Investing in mesh cages to surround plants
  • Covering shrubs with netting to prevent pecking

Electronic Bird Control to Keep Your Space ClearElectronic Bird Control Methods

Electronic bird control is a more permanent solution to issues with nuisance birds than decoys or netting because it repels birds from a designated area entirely. Electronic bird control comes in a variety of forms, including noise-making devices, sensors that transmit ultrasonic frequencies to disorient birds and light emitting devices that scare birds. While these devices are a good option for bird control in the spring, it is important to note that not all species of birds will be repelled by them.

Liquid Bird Repellent to Humanely Deter Birds

Perhaps one of the best bird control products for spring to combat pesky birds in your garden or on your property is a quality liquid bird repellent. The liquid can typically be sprayed or fogged over any surface to safely and humanely repel birds without the hassle of decoys, netting or potentially bothersome noise-making devices. When choosing a liquid bird repellent, make sure it is one that:

  • Is non-toxic and harmless to humans, birds and other animals
  • Doesn’t change the appearance, flavor or aroma of crops and plants
  • Won’t leave behind a messy residue on surfaces

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Use Avian Control to Repel Pest Birds Safely All Spring Long!

If you’re looking for a safe, simple and effective method of bird control this spring, try Avian Control liquid bird repellent! The non-toxic formula is proven to keep birds out of your space without the harsh look and side effects of decoys, netting and electronic devices. Save your home, business and garden this season from bothersome birds by contacting us at 888.868.1982 to place your order.

The Best Bird Control Products for Spring
Learn all about the best bird control treatments for the spring with Avian Enterprises.
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The Best Bird Control Products for Spring