Protecting Cherry Trees from Birds: An Agriculture Guide

Pesky birds enjoy fruit from your cherry trees just as much as you do – and eat them faster. Birds are especially drawn to those delicious cherry trees you’ve spent hours tending. If you own cherry trees, it is vital to maintain and protect them all season long. Not using bird control will result in destroyed crops and money losses. Birds can outsmart your tactics because they adapt after a period of time. You must alternate methods to keep the birds away for good.

bird-636548_1280Provide Other Means of Food

This won’t guarantee the elimination of all birds, but it sure will distract them. Providing an alternative source of food, such as corn or bird seeds, will make the birds less tempted to raid your cherry trees.

Display A Predator Decoy

Visual deterrents, such as owls, are easy to install, low maintenance and cost effective. These will be sure to keep the birds off your property and cherry trees. Predator decoys can be used in a variety of settings including golf courses, backyards and commercial areas. Birds are visual animals and are easily spooked by unfamiliar objects. For this method, change is vital, so be sure to change the predator decoy frequently.

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Broadcast Distress Signals

By broadcasting predator sounds near your cherry trees it will alarm the birds and cause them to fly in the opposite direction. In order for this to be effective, you must move the speakers every few days and be sure not to play the noise continuously because the birds will adapt to the noise and it will not bother them over time.

Bird MeshingMesh Bird Netting

Although this method is not visually appealing, it is effective. By covering your cherry trees with mesh netting, the birds will not be able to reach the fruit. You must be sure that the fruit is tucked away in the net because the birds will be able to reach the cherries through the holes of the netting. The netting must be lightweight so it does not ruin the delicate cherries.

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Avian Control Bird Repellent

Avian Control Bird Repellent is the one method that you will not have to alternate. This spray lasts up to two weeks and will teach birds not to return to the designated area. Avian Control eliminates birds effectively without damaging your crops or harming the birds. This can easily be applied and is cost effective. To order Avian Control, contact us at 888.868.1982 or sales@solveyourbirdproblem.com.

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Protecting Cherry Trees from Birds: An Agriculture Guide