Protecting Cherry Trees

  • Put up netting
  • Frighten the birds
  • Give them food

Cherries have a short growing season which makes them a hot commodity for farmers and customers during the summer months. Unfortunately, birds also enjoy sweet cherries just as much as we do. The good news is that there are several ways you can protect your cherry trees and enjoy the harvest for yourself.


Small cherry trees benefit immensely from being protected by netting. Purchase quality nets and drape them over each individual tree once the fruit starts forming. Nets can remain in place until the fruit is fully grown but you may lose a few cherries during the net removal process. However, netting can be expensive and hard to maintain.

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Scare Tactics

You may choose to avoid covering each individual tree with netting and opt for scare tactics. This involves a bit of creativity and some time to put everything into place. Some common scare tactics to try are:

    • Pinning holographic foil streamers somewhere high
    • Use old CDs to make your own holographic deterrent
    • Buy helium balloons and draw faces on them
    • Hang wind chimes from a pole on windy days

Feed the Birds

Persistent birds may be that way because they have no other food source. To deter them from your cherry trees, it may be wise to lure the ravenous birds to another location. You can offer the pesky birds seeds, suet, nuts and other berries as a distraction. Although, this may not stop birds from going after your cherry trees.

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Liquid Bird Repellent is a Sweet Alternative

You can enjoy your cherry crops a little more knowing they were protected by an EPA-registered liquid bird repellent. Avian Control doesn’t interfere with the growth, appearance or taste of cherries. It’s designed to repel all types of nuisance birds for up to 14 days and is available at a bargain price! Call 888.868.1982 for more information.

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Protecting Cherry Trees
Learn how Avian Enterprises can help you keep the birds away from your cherry trees.
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Protecting Cherry Trees