Spring Has Sprung! How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

Keep Birds off property

The snow is melted, the grass is greener and gardens are sprouting. You took the time to plant flowers, vegetables and fruits; so don’t let the birds reap the benefits! Whether spring arrived on time, or is still a little shy, now is the perfect time to master how to keep birds out of your garden this season.


This technique is a classic scare tactic to deter birds from gardens. Build yourself a sturdy 3-foot tall scarecrow using your desired materials and insert it into the soil within 4 feet of your garden. The scarier the appearance, the longer the birds will keep away. However, this technique’s drawbacks include the scarecrow becoming the perfect perch for daring birds, which will lead to more of them flocking to your garden once they realize the scarecrow is no threat to them.

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Owl Statues

Slightly more intimidating than a scarecrow is the eerie owl perched somewhere high above your garden. A natural predator of small birds, the owl should be positioned so its gaze is constantly fixed on your garden. This tip may last longer than the scarecrow if you move the owl statue around every few days to imitate a real bird stalking its prey.

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Party Balloons

The next time you’re planning a celebration, buy a couple of extra balloons for your garden. Draw angry faces on the deflated balloons and then fill them up with helium or your own air. Tie the balloons around nearby tree limbs, posts, gates or fences to make birds nervous about crashing your garden party. Caution: balloons pop easily. When deflated the leftover rubber or latex materials should not be left around for small animals to ingest.

Fishing Line

If you have a spare roll of fishing line, cut some pieces that are as long as your garden. Tie each end to posts across from each other so the fishing line hangs over your plants. Birds hate flying into objects they can’t see and will learn not to fly into the area that makes them all tangled. Again, make sure no stray bits of fishing line are left in the open in order to ensure the safety of smaller animals.

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Liquid Bird Repellent

Cheaper than replacing short-term products, easily applied and longer lasting than alternative products, liquid bird repellents are the simplest way to keep your garden bird-free. They can be sprayed or fogged from the ground and will endure most types of weather. Make sure you find the brands that are non-harmful to humans, pets and small animals.

Keep your Garden Bird-free with Avian Control

That long-lasting, non-toxic, easily applied liquid bird repellent we were talking about? Avian Control is all of that and more. As an EPA-registered product, Avian Control is mild enough for humans and animals while still getting the job done. Bird will learn to avoid your garden from just one spray that lasts up to 14 days! Call 888.868.1982 to talk with one of our experts today.

Spring Has Sprung! How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden
Learn how to keep birds out of your garden with Avian Enterprises.
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Spring Has Sprung! How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden