How to Keep Birds Away from Apple Trees

Fall is apple season! But you won’t be able to enjoy your apples if birds get to them first. Each year, thousands of apples are wasted because birds peck holes into them and they begin to rot. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can keep birds away from apple trees so you can enjoy them yourself this fall season. Here are some tips to protect your apples from the experts at Avian Control.

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Hanging Noisemakers

One of the simplest ways to drive the birds away is by hanging noise makers in or around the apple trees. These can be anything from bells to empty bottles or cans rattling together. The noise will bother or frighten the birds, thus relocating them without causing them any harm. The only hitch with noisemakers is that some birds may not be bothered by the noise and stick around anyway.

The Faithful Scarecrowscarecrow as a bird repellent

Not only is fall the season for apples, but it’s also the season for the ever faithful scarecrow! This bird deterrent technique has evolved from a once-useful tool to scare away crows, to a traditional symbol of farming. You can try making your best scarecrow for the birds, but years of this bird repellent method have proven that birds are more grateful for the perch than they are scared of the device.

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The process of netting is simply handing a net over the trees. This will prevent the birds from having access to your apple trees. While netting will protect your apples, it can be a bit labor intensive to set up, and it doesn’t necessarily repel the birds, but it will save your apples!

Bird Repellent

The most effective way to repel birds from your apple trees is by using a bird repellent spray like Avian Control. There are many benefits from using Avian Control that you just can’t get from other bird control methods including:

bird repellent for apple trees

  • It can be easily applied as a spray or a fog
  • Long lasting to save you money and application time
  • Avian Control not only repels birds from your trees and the area around them, it also prevents them from returning to your property
  • It is an environmentally safe EPA-registered product

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Protect Your Apples with Avian Control!

Letting birds take over your apple trees is no way to spend the fall season when you could be enjoying apple picking yourself. Avian Control is the perfect form of bird control to keep the birds away and your apple trees safe. Contact us for more information at 888.868.1982 or order online in commercial or residential sizes now!

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This fall, use Avian Control liquid bird repellent to keep birds away from your apple trees. Avian Control is here to help you with your bird problem.
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How to Keep Birds Away from Apple Trees