Golf Courses

The last thing your golf course needs is flocks of pesky birds destroying your landscaping and harassing your customers. Put your bird problems at bay with Avian Control liquid bird repellent. Avian Control is a simple and non-toxic solution to all of your bird problems.

Why Avian Control For Your Golf Course?

Not only are damages produced by birds a pain to deal with, but they are also expensive to fix! Avian Control liquid bird repellent works to eliminate unwanted birds from your greens, roughs and water sources. By irritating the pain center in a bird’s brain, this non-lethal solution actively teaches birds to avoid your property. Other benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Low treatment costs
  • Mild enough for use around golfers and other animals
  • Long-lasting results

Using Avian Control For Golf Courses

Avian Control is a non-toxic and effective solution for keeping pest birds away from your golf course. Safe and effective, our bird repellent can be used to deter birds from a variety of golf course components, including:

  • Landscaping
  • Golf course grass and turf
  • Water sources including ponds, lakes and streams
  • Golf course signage and building structures, and more.

Eliminate Birds From Your Golf Course With Avian Control

Ensure your customers have the best experience on your golf course by eliminating pest birds on your greens, roughs and fairways. Avian Enterprises offers a variety of bird control solutions perfect for all bird types and industries. Shop Avian Control or our other bird control products, today or give us a call to learn more.

Golf Courses
Eliminate unwanted birds on your golf courses with Avian Control from Avian Enterprises.
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