How Do You Get Rid Of Wild Geese?


Geese are mostly harmless but they can leave behind an unsightly problem around your commercial business. If bothered, wild geese can become aggressive towards you and your customers, hindering daily operations. Remove these pest birds from your properties by making surrounding areas unappealing and uninhabitable to unwanted wild geese.

Problems Caused by Wild Geese

Geese are generally attracted to areas that provide food, water and protection.  Most human-goose encounters occur in urban settings where manicured lawns are located in proximity to water and molting geese. Finding the right methods to eliminate your wild geese problem can make all the difference. If geese are left to run wild, the following problems may occur:

Goose Droppings

The presence of goose droppings is a typical problem for residents and businesses dealing with wild geese concentrated at a specific site. Beyond the unsightly presence of these droppings, this can pose several health risks as well. A large number of geese congregating by low water areas may cause an elevation in bacteria levels. And if people are frequently in the vicinity of the goose-infested area, it could make for hazardous conditions.

Nesting Behaviors

If the conditions are right, geese will occasionally nest in inappropriate areas.  These nests are typically found in shrubs near buildings and parking lots. Geese can become very territorial and aggressive around their nests, causing problems for you and your customers.

How Do You Get Rid Of Wild Geese?

If wild geese are starting to become a problem for your business, it’s important to take appropriate measures to keep them under control. How do you get rid of wild geese? Here are some of the most popular methods for keeping them at bay:

  • Eliminate secondary food sources: Giving “free handouts” can lead to large concentrations of geese gathering around your business. When they become accustomed to getting fed, they will no longer have a desire to hunt for food on their own.
  • Scare Tactics:  Deterrents such as scarecrows, bird alarms, electronic noise systems and shell crackers are a cost effective method of controlling wild geese in a temporary sense. Over time, it’s likely that they will be used to the noises and will no longer be affected.
  • Goose Repellent: How do you get rid of wild geese once and for all? Finding the right goose repellent can make all the difference. If applied consistently, geese will most likely find somewhere else to call home.

Get Rid Of Wild Geese With Avian Migrate!

Avian Migrate, a product of Avian Enterprises, is an EPA registered goose repellent, making it non-lethal and mild enough to use around people and animals. Specifically developed to target non-migratory birds, this effective method of goose control offers lasting results.

How Do You Get Rid Of Wild Geese?
Learn how to eliminate unwanted wild geese from your property with Avian Enterprises.
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How Do You Get Rid Of Wild Geese?