How To Keep Birds Off Porches


Your porch is the grand stage of your front yard and is the first thing neighbors and guest see when looking at your house. If it’s covered in bird droppings, they may worry what the inside looks like. Learn how to ward off birds while keeping your porch looking good with these ideas!

Decorate with Faux Predators

Birds have trouble distinguishing between real and fake predators. Capitalize on this by incorporating faux predators into your front yard decorations. Options for decorative yard defense include:

Porch 2

  • Carved wood predatory birds
  • Seasonal scarecrow (decorate for every season)
  • Rubber snake, positioned where birds perch most often and more!

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Hang a Reflective Wind Chime

Wind Chimes are a great way to decorate your porch while discreetly warding off birds. The chimes should be shiny enough to reflect sunlight, maximizing their effect. The bright reflections and noise will scare birds away.

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Spray the Porch with Bird Repellent

Bird repellent is a liquid treatment used to keep the pest birds away. Before you implement this tactic, make sure to do your research. Ensure the bird repellent you’re using is non-toxic and gentle enough to use around pets.

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Protect Your Porch with Avian Control

Avian Enterprise’s product, Avian Control will keep birds far away from your porch, with each treatment effectively repelling birds for two weeks. At $12.50 an acre, your patio will be safe from birds for at a minimal cost. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 directly for more information.

How To Keep Birds Off Porches
Learn how to keep birds off porches with these tips from Avian Enterprises.
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How To Keep Birds Off Porches