Woodpeckers No More! Woodpecker Deterrents for the Home

  • Close off their food source
  • Try feeding the birds
  • Provide a tempting alternative
  • Do some decorating
  • Utilize chimes to scare them

While all birds can be irritating with their noisy sounds and 1-2 pounds of daily droppings, the woodpecker is known to leave behind some of the most damage. Not only is the woodpecker louder than an average birds chirping, but also they carve holes into your trees, decks and homes. Before any more damage can occur, follow a few of these suggestions to keep your home woodpecker-free.

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Exterminate Their Food Source

Not the kind for the birds! One of the underlying reasons for woodpecker roosts near your home could be an infestation of insects within your walls. You can call an exterminator to check for bugs or do a little digging yourself. See where the woodpeckers are most frequently pecking and double-check the inside of your home for dead insects or rotting wood. Once you get that taken care of, the woodpeckers may find a new source of nourishment elsewhere.

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Feed the Birds

Similar to guiding the woodpeckers away, you can also plant berry bushes away from your home in the hopes that the birds will find these more tempting than your home. Just make sure you plant the new food source far enough away to ensure the birds won’t just come back after having a snack.

Tempt the Woodpeckers Away

One of the most common bird control methods is to hang a bird feeder near a woodpecker hole and guide the birds away one day at a time. Fill a feeder with suet, which is essentially cow fat and a favorite of the woodpecker, and hang it close to the bird’s snacking site. Each day, move the feeder a foot or two away until it’s at a far enough distance from your home that the woodpecker won’t come back.

Decorate your Home

Woodpeckers are skittish around shiny objects. Hanging a few pie tins from your roof or pinning foil strips to a tree branch will make the birds nervous and hopefully move to another location. However, this idea only works if enough sunlight is shining on the objects to make it worth the effort.

wind-chimesUse Wind Chimes

Depending on your tolerance for noise, sometimes the dulcet sounds of wind chimes will be soothing for you but irritating for the woodpeckers. Hang one from the rafters near the woodpecker’s preferred location to deter them on windy days. A little more money and you can purchase an electronic noisemaker that can detect when a bird comes nearby to release a distressing call.

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Repel Woodpeckers With Avian Enterprises

The most efficient way to deter woodpeckers from your home is with Avian Control, a non-lethal, long-lasting liquid bird repellent. Whereas other methods take time each day to ensure their potential success, Avian Control can be sprayed once and last up to 14 days. To take back your property from unwanted woodpeckers, shop now or call us at 888.868.1982, today.

Woodpeckers No More! Woodpecker Deterrents for the Home
Eliminate your woodpecker problem with an effective liquid bird repellent from Avian Enterprises.
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Woodpeckers No More! Woodpecker Deterrents for the Home