Tips for Keeping Critters Away From Halloween Decorations

Halloween is right around the corner and now is the time to trim our homes with our favorite scary Halloween decorations. While jack o’lanterns, bales of hay and corn stalks are often the family favorite, there are several critters who enjoy your decorations for reasons other than celebrating Halloween. That’s right, your neighborhood furry friends often become unfriendly to the decorations in which you put in so much hard work. Follow these helpful tips for keeping critters away from Halloween decorations this fall season.

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Repel Garden Animals with Less-than-Tasty Tastes

We don’t want to harm the animals who enjoy feasting on our decorations, but training them to not snack on Halloween decorations can be done humanely and easily. Here are several homemade repellents you can try:

Hot Sauce

Spicy foods will often keep critters away from Halloween decorations. Mix hot sauce or cayenne pepper with water and spray onto your jack o’lanterns and corn. The spicy taste will keep most critters away and leave your decorations unharmed. Remember to reapply as rain will often wash the mixture off.



Pouring a little distilled vinegar around your jack o’lanterns or pouring some on a cloth and wiping your pumpkin with vinegar will steer animals away. The taste and smell of vinegar is often overpowering to animals, like squirrels, and insects. Be aware of how much vinegar you use as using too much may cause your pumpkin to deteriorate as time goes by.

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Deter Furry and Feathery Creatures with Uncomfortable Textures

Nothing bothers the comfort level of animals like unexpected textures in their otherwise predictable habitats. There are a few non-harmful ways to deter unwanted garden animals from your fall decor, such as:

  • Petroleum Jelly – Apply a thick coat around the outer layer of your jack o’lanterns after carving – the more jelly the better. Its stickiness is undesirable for birds and squirrels.
  • Hair Spray – Spraying hairspray on your decor will also make them sticky, stiff and undesirable for birds, squirrels and rabbits to nibble on.

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dog hair bird deterrent

Use Critter Sniffers Against Them

One of an animal’s greatest strengths is their ability to sniff out food from far away, and your home decked out in pumpkins, gourds and apple decorations smells delicious. A quick way to deter animals, like squirrels, away from your food-based decor is with dog hair. Place your jack o’lanterns on a blanket of dog hair and the smell of dog will keep squirrels and other critters away from your Halloween decorations due to their natural instincts to fear the predator.

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Tips for Keeping Critters Away From Halloween Decorations