How to Find Bird Deterrents That Are Dependable and Work


Birds can be a major problem that results in negative effects on your business. There are many different methods of bird control that can be used but it’s important to do your research first. When looking to solve a bird problem, there are a few things you’re going to want to keep in mind. Here are some helpful tips for finding a bird deterrent that really works.

Bird Deterrent Methods

There is a variety of different methods that are used for bird control. Although it may require a bit of trial and error, here is a list of some of the most popular methods:

  • Eliminate your bird problems for good with Avian Control bird deterrent!Anti-Rooster Wiring System – Wires and springs put onto ledges of buildings to prevent birds from landing
  • Metal Spires – Rows of needles or spikes lined on the edges of buildings
  • Netting Systems – Hanging netting to prevent birds from landing or flying in a certain area
  • Ultrasonics – Using high frequency sounds to deter birds
  • Liquid Repellent – A liquid made to be poured or sprayed over problem areas
  • “Scarecrow” Method – Using objects like scarecrows or fake owls to frighten birds

Do Your Research

Purchasing a bird deterrent shouldn’t be something you go do on a whim. Do your research and learn about your options before you buy. Maybe your problem is too severe and ultrasonics won’t work. It’s also possible that a netting system might not be a logical solution. There are countless products out there and some might do more harm than good. Sure they will solve your problems, but at what cost? Look through the product information and customer testimonials to get a real understanding of what the product can do.

Determine Your Priorities

Looking for a humane solution to your problem may be your best option ethically and environmentally. Regardless of whether your problem is birds landing in your business park or eating and pecking your crops, there are effective bird deterrents that don’t impose harm on the birds themselves. Avian Control is a non-toxic liquid bird repellent that is mild enough to use around people and animals.

What’s Your Price?

Some bird deterrents can be costly. Certain ultrasonic deterrents can cost thousands of dollars and can prove to be unsuccessful after a period of time. Also, netting is a very expensive investment that can be damaged over time and require repairs. The best bang for your buck is a liquid deterrent. You can get a large amount of product that can cover a large area. It can also be sprayed easily onto more targeted areas.

Send those pest birds elsewhere with Avian Control liquid bird deterrent!Avian Control: A Smart Solution To Your Bird Problem

As a non-toxic liquid bird repellent, Avian Enterprises is the bird deterrent company that works. Our professionals are dedicated to solving bird problems and service and variety of industries including agricultural, commercial and airports. To learn more about our product and how we can help you, call our experts today! It’s time to stop losing crops to foraging birds.

Tips On Finding A Bird Deterrent That Really Works
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How to Find Bird Deterrents That Are Dependable and Work