How to Handle Unwanted Canadian Geese

canadian geese

Canadian geese are some of the most aggressive birds that we see all over golf courses, commercial buildings and parks. It’s not unusual to see them take over properties near bodies of water and to watch them chase anyone who gets too close to their nests.

Canadian geese can become a nuisance, especially when it comes to them destroying your property. Here are several tips we recommend to handle unwanted geese.

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Goodbye Geese Tips

Set up Decoys

Swan decoys can be placed around a parking lot, pond, lake or water garden to keep geese from coming into the area. Swans are incredibly territorial, so geese tend to stay away from areas where swans congregate. Swan decoys are relatively inexpensive and easy to anchor to a weight.

decoy swan

We also suggest using scare devices like shell crackers, bird scare balloons and even dogs. Remember, using fireworks or physically chasing and killing these geese yourself are not the ways to do it. Not only is it inhumane, but they could threaten your own physical and legal safety as well.

Change Your Landscape

Canadian geese enjoy shorter grass landscapes, which is why they are often seen on golf courses or neatly mowed lawns like business parks.

Keeping grass longer in the affected areas with the addition of shrubbery deters geese from nesting in that spot.  Be sure to check your city’s lawn ordinances before letting your grass grow out.  

long grass

Get a Herding Dog

This option may be a bit more of an investment, but golf courses and airports have proven that trained dogs effectively keep geese away.  Herding dogs do not hurt the geese in any way, they just herd them into the water or scare them so geese avoid nesting in the area.

herding dog

Say Goodbye to Geese with Avian Enterprises

A combination of these and other techniques can be the start of a more peaceful lawn. Always remember that the most successful long-term geese removal comes from the most humane ways possible. If you continue to have problems even after applying these tips for a season, consider Avian Enterprises. 

Avian Migrate is a non-lethal liquid bird repellent specifically made to treat geese. This solution is gentle enough to use around geese, people and your crops. The special colorant is only seen by geese and birds and helps the pest birds leave the treated areas. Contact us to learn more on how we can help you with your geese problems.

How to Handle Unwanted Canadian Geese
See these tips to keep Canadian geese away from your property, office buildings, parks and more.
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How to Handle Unwanted Canadian Geese