How to Handle Unwanted Canadian Geese

There’s no invasion like a Canadian geese invasion. These large, lazy birds can quickly take over parks, golf courses, shopping malls, commercial lands, and airports, chasing people off with their aggressive, territorial behavior and littering our lawns and contaminating our beaches with their gross, green droppings. 

While you may be tempted to physically chase off every last goose, another flock would just move right in—not to mention, you’d probably learn what a goose bite feels like. The trick to getting (and keeping) geese off of your land is by making it an undesirable habitat. 

Follow these simple tricks to goose-proof your property. 

Set up decoys

Geese don’t seem to be afraid of much but there is an exception. The presence of swan, an equally-aggressive relative of the Goose, can make flocks think twice before fighting over the pond. Chances are, they’ll fly on to find another, more desirable property. However, you’ll need to move the decoy often, or it will lose its effectiveness. 

Get a herding dog

We don’t recommend letting your house dog loose on a flock of geese (chances are, the geese will win), but you can employ a trained herding dog. A herding dog is skilled at keeping geese in line and will be enough of a nuisance to send them packing. While training a dog can be a big commitment, it has been shown to work well in airports and golf courses, where geese can be particularly disruptive.  

Skip lawn day

Geese love beautifully-manicured lawns with water features. This is because shorter grasses and a lack of shrubbery allows them to see any potential predators. While letting your grass grow out of control isn’t usually an option, adding extra shrubbery and planting tall plants and grass along water edges can reduce the desirability of your property. 

Apply professional bird repellent

Stop playing “duck, duck, goose” with your bird repellent tactics and choose a method that works. Avian Migrate is an EPA-registered bird repellent that works almost instantly at shooing out existing flocks and preventing new ones from taking their spot. It is a gentle, yet effective, product that is safe for humans, pets, and geese.

Shop our migrate products today or talk to an expert today so you can say goodbye to your geese problem.

How to Handle Unwanted Canadian Geese