Securing Sunflowers From Pesky Birds

sunflower field

It’s almost impossible to feel sad when looking at the tall, happy stalks of sunflowers. However, you may even shed a tear or two when you see the damage left behind from a few hungry birds who’ve picked apart your sunflower garden. Birds love the seeds from this flower, even if they haven’t yet ripened. Don’t let these pest birds ruin your happy garden, though. Apply these tactics to keep hungry beaks away from your sunflowers.

Purchase Row Covers

If you have crops of sunflowers (or just really, really like a lot of sunflowers), this option may work for you. Row covers can protect large clumps of flowers by physically blocking birds from picking away at your beautiful, budding plants. The material can also provide temperature control and act as a barrier against bad weather, too.

Pop A Paper Bag Over Them

If you just have a few sunflowers you’re trying to save in your garden, you probably won’t want to purchase expensive row covers. Instead, pop a paper bag over the head of the flower to block it from the beaks of hungry birds. It may not be the most ideal look for your garden and won’t last long as sunflowers need a lot of sun, but it can be a temporary solution to keep them from getting destroyed.

Install Reflective Bird Repellent Rods

Birds steer clear of bright, reflective materials. Installing reflective poles or hanging reflective tape, mirrors or even aluminum pans around your garden may help to prevent some of those pesky creatures from making your garden their lunch spot. If you get really crafty, you may even be able to disguise these tricks as pretty garden decorations. 

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Lock In Your Sunflowers

Gardens are meant to be enjoyed, so blocking them off with fencing or mesh wire can feel a bit depressive. Still, this is a very effective way to keep birds from ruining your precious plants. With this option, sunflowers will still have access to the sun, allowing them to continue thriving. Wire fencing can be purchased at almost any gardening supply store. You can either opt to cover your entire garden or create a cage specifically for your sunflowers. Just make sure you select the right sized wiring so small birds can’t gain access, and that you build it tall enough to allow room for your sunflowers to sprout up.

Let Avian Enterprises Save Your Sunflowers from Pesky Birds

If you don’t want to spend the extra time and money trying to shoo birds away, and would rather have a more affordable, easier and faster way to keep your sunflowers safe, use liquid bird repellent from Avian. Our spray and fog bird repellents are long-lasting options that are safe for birds, humans, plants and any other creature that may find its way near or into your garden. Purchase Avain Control Liquid Bird Repellent today so you can get back to marveling at the beauty of your sunflowers (and not behind the meshed wire jail cell).


Secure Your Sunflowers From Pesky Birds
Birds are problematic when it comes to your sunflowers. Luckily, there’s a solution to keep the birds away.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Securing Sunflowers From Pesky Birds