Secure Your Sunflowers From Pesky Birds

sunflower field

Sunflowers are known for their beauty and bright appearances they bring to our gardens, but annoying birds see sunflowers as a source of food. There are great ways to secure your sunflowers from those troublesome birds you find around your sunflowers.

Purchase Some Row Covers

Row covers are a great plan if you have a large amount of sunflowers you want to cover. This option allows you to have temperature control and protect your sunflowers from bad weather. If this isn’t ideal for you because you have a smaller amount of sunflowers, cover them with paper bags. Birds will be less attracted to these.

Bird Repellent Rods

Another option if you don’t want to cover your sunflowers is to try bird repellent rods. These are super inexpensive and can add some decoration to your garden. The reflection from the sun bounces off the rods and the birds will steer clear because no one likes sun in their eyes.

Surround Your Sunflowers With Wire Or Fence Them In

Placing wire or creating a fence is definitely a great option so your sunflowers won’t get covered from the sun. Sunflowers follow the sun during the daytime so this idea allows them to continue to seek what they crave while keeping your sunflowers safe and sound. Here are some different building options:

  • If you are feeling crafty, you can DIY for more affordable and customizable options.
  • Build a fence around your whole garden to create an open greenhouse effect.
  • Go to your local garden store to purchase a mesh wire fence that goes around your garden.

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Let Avian Enterprises Save Your Sunflowers from Pesky Birds

If you want an effective bird repellent that requires the least amount of effort than our competitors while still producing lasting results, look no further than Avian Control. This long-lasting bird repellent from Avian Enterprises can be sprayed or fogged. It lasts up to two weeks in outdoor locations and much longer in indoor locations. Shop now or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Secure Your Sunflowers From Pesky Birds
Birds are problematic when it comes to your sunflowers. Luckily, there’s a solution to keep the birds away.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Secure Your Sunflowers From Pesky Birds