Protect Your Apple Orchard From Pest Birds This Fall

Apple Orchard

Fall is home to cider mills and day trips to the local apple orchards. As an apple orchard farmer, protecting your investment from damaging weather, animals amongst other things is crucial in quality control and risk management. Thankfully, we put together some tips on how to protect your apples from pesky birds this fall and next.

Cover Your Orchard

It may seem tiresome to cover your apple orchard to protect from pest birds, but the process is fairly inexpensive and can help you accomplish your goals. There are many benefits to using netting, but may require some mild labor. Although netting may not be the guaranteed solution to your apple orchard protection, it can greatly reduce pest birds from interfering with your orchard.

Scare the Birds Away

With Halloween approaching, it may be a good time to put your scarecrow to more use than being festive – and we’re not talking about the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. Implementing a scarecrow, various decoys to resemble predators or holographic tape can reduce the chances of birds pestering your apple orchard immensely. An assortment of scare tactics can be:

  • Scarecrow to intimidate intruding birds
  • Painting eyes on balloons attached to trees can give the look of predators
  • Long strips of reflective tape can help reduce birds from intruding, but for nighttime use

An Effective Bird Repellent

A less time consuming and cost effective method to protect your apple orchards from pest birds is through the use of bird repellent. This option comes in many forms and can be applied in a number of ways. From spray to fogging, liquid bird repellents can reduce your pesky bird problem, while being harmless to the animals or humans you care about.

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Protect Your Apple Orchard With Avian Enterprises

For almost a decade, Avian Control by Avian Enterprises has been established as the go-to bird repellent for farmers, gardeners, commercial use and residential applications. With simple and effective applications of Avian Control, you can rid off those pesky birds from your apple orchard for up to two weeks. For more information, contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information.

Protect Your Apple Orchard From Pest Birds This Fall
Birds are problematic when it comes to your apple orchards. Luckily, we have a solution to your pesky bird problems.
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Protect Your Apple Orchard From Pest Birds This Fall