How To Keep Birds Out of Your Shed and Garage

The sounds of birds chirping in the midst of the morning light can be a calming sound to wake up to, but can soon be the cause of a more troublesome encounter as those calming birds are soon invading your shed or garage. Often hard to detect, birds are agile in finding a protected and tranquil new home to nest in. In order to combat your new tenants, here are some ways to rid off your new intruders.

Scare the Birds Away

Birds will be discouraged from finding shelter in your garage or shed if the sight of predators are lurking nearby. Implementing the use of visual aids can help prevent birds from intruding in unwanted spaces. Options for visual aids are:

  • Plastic foxes, coyotes or raccoons
  • Blockades on windows or openings
  • Silhouettes of owls, hawks and other predatory birds
  • Shiny objects to mislead the newcomersblue bird

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Invest In Screens

Screens are a simple yet effective way to impede the traffic of birds seeking refuge in your garage or shed. Whether you’re installing screens, nets or fencing, most of these resources can be relatively cheap and can be the endgame for keeping pesky birds out. To keep your barricade last longer, satisfactory netting should be made of high-quality polypropylene.

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Avian Control Will Keep Birds Out of Your Shed or Garage

If you’ve exhausted previous resources to rid off those pesky birds and want a more effective alternative, then let Avian Control safely prevent future birds from invading unwanted spaces in your home. The simple and effective method from Avian Enterprises is harmless for humans, birds and other animals and can last up to two weeks outdoors and even longer indoors. Browse our store or contact us at 888.868.1982 for more information!

How To Keep Birds Out of Your Shed and Garage
Learn how Avian Control can keep birds out of your shed and garage.
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How To Keep Birds Out of Your Shed and Garage