Birds in Your Barn? Keep Them Away!

swallow-970341_640Are pesky birds becoming a concern for your barn and barn animals? As winter approaches and many birds migrate from their summer nests to new places, non-migratory birds will often look for a warmer area to create their new home. As barns are a safe nesting area for practically any weather conditions, your barn could easily be chosen. This becomes an issue as birds will consume and contaminate your barn animal’s food and water, potentially making your barn unsanitary for livestock. Try these helpful tips to ensure that your barn is and will be bird-free.

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Avoid Leaving Foods Out in the Open

Birds will naturally be attracted to food and end up in your barn as a result of food and water being left available and too easy to obtain. This lesson is simple: avoid making it easy for the birds. Excess animal feed on the ground, not having bird-proof food containers or open water troughs are all examples of why birds found your barn attractive in the first place. To avoid unknowingly attracting them again, follow these tips:

  • Clean leftover grains, oats and seeds that have fallen on the ground
  • Invest in bird-proof containers to stop birds from going directly into the feed
  • Keep water levels shallow so birds will be unable to drink while standing on the ledge

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Make the Barn Difficult to Enter

When looking to keep birds out of your barn, be sure to make the barn difficult to enter. Birds have short attention spans and will often fly away to other potential nesting places if they cannot get into your barn. Keep the exterior unattractive to birds by using props, wiring and blocked openings. You can bird-proof the exterior of your barn by installing:barn-owl-275942_640

  • Blockings in front of small openings
  • Plastic owls to scare birds away and force them to a new area
  • Porcupine wiring consists of spiked wires that makes birds uncomfortable to stand on

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Spray Liquid Bird Repellent BEFORE the Birds Make a Nest

product-imageThe best way to deter birds from barns is to spray a bird repellent BEFORE birds begin nesting. A quality bird repellent will keep the birds away legally so you won’t have to worry about interfering with any nests and their potential hatchlings. Unsure what kind of bird repellent to use? Find one that is:

  • Legal
  • Non-toxic
  • Easily applied
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost effective

Avian Control is the Liquid Bird Repellent You Need!

Whether in the barn, around the house, on farms or virtually anywhere, if you’re looking for relief from birds, Avian Control is the perfect bird repellent for you! Avian Control has been trusted by a variety of industries to repel nuisance birds. Contact us online or call our bird repellent specialists today at 888.868.1982 and we’ll help you find the right solution for you!

Birds in Your Barn? Keep Them Away!
Learn how to keep birds out of your barn with Avian Enterprises.
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Birds in Your Barn? Keep Them Away!