Bird Repellent Checklist For Your Barns, Sheds and Other Buildings


While out in the backyard or enjoying a stroll in nature, birds are pleasant company to have. Even on your property, if you know birds are helping you take care of insects, you might be glad to have them around. But when they start to appear in large flocks, covering your buildings and equipment with droppings and eating up livestock grain, they can quickly become a nuisance. Here are some helpful tips to keep the birds away from your property.

Protecting Your Barn

inside barnBarns are one of the most attractive habitats for pest birds. With warm shelter, plenty of room to nest and enough grain to last a year, you won’t be surprised to find birds staking a claim in your barn. The presence of these birds can be harmful for livestock and the building itself.

What you can do:

  • Block all openings including doors, windows and vents. To do this, you can use netting, mesh and plastic curtain strips especially for doorways.
  • Keep grain cleaned up and stored.
  • Make water sources inaccessible.

Keeping Sheds Clear

Birds can find their way into your sheds, too. Just like in barns, birds will come for the safety and warmth of a closed shelter. Once they’re inside, they can cause the same types of damage—leaving droppings on equipment and the building structure, eating or contaminating any grain in the building, and even clogging drains or gutters with nest materials. The best thing you can do is prevent them from coming in the first place such as:

  • Installing visual deterrents or sound deterrents.
  • Installing netting below rafters to stop nesting.
  • Physically remove nests from rafters and sills.

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Deter Them From The Building

If you see birds nesting inside or around your building, you may be wondering why these birds don’t make nests in their natural habitat. Many birds find man-made structures to be ideal nesting location, especially if there are not many other locations in the area. The problem often escalates as other birds observe and emulate the behavior. Here are a few ways to deter them from nesting on your building:

  • Make alternative nesting areas available (e.g. trees, birdhouses).
  • Install bird spikes on gutters or rooftops.
  • Catch and remove with traps.

Reliable Solutions

Obstacles, deterrents and physical removal can all be effective solutions for keeping birds away. But they aren’t always the most reliable as some can be time consuming or strenuous. Liquid bird repellent is a reliable, versatile solution that can work for all of your barns, sheds and building. With an environmentally-safe bird repellent, you can drive away all species of birds from your buildings without the hassle and variability of other methods.

If pest birds are a problem on your property, employ these solutions before you see other consequences. For the most effective results, use a combination of methods, and you can repel birds year-round, keeping your buildings clean.

Bird Repellent Checklist For Your Barns, Sheds and Other Buildings
When birds start to cover your buildings and cause damage, you want them gone. Here are some tips to help repel birds.
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Bird Repellent Checklist For Your Barns, Sheds and Other Buildings