Keep Birds Out of Your Buildings and Sheds

  • Scare birds with visual displays
  • Establish barriers to keep birds at bay
  • Limit bird access with netting
  • Protect your buildings and sheds with non-toxic bird spray

Birds are a peaceful touch when enjoying time outside. However, when birds enter your home or business they become pests. Protect your buildings and sheds from invasive birds with Avian Control.

Scare Away Birds With Visual Displays

Visual bird deterrents work by making birds feel threatened. Setting up these displays around your building will scare birds from trying to enter. There are several types for visual deterrents available to deter birds away from your buildings:

  • Predatory animal decoys
  • Predatory animal silhouettes
  • Wind socks
  • Shiny objects, and more!

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Establish Bird Barriers

The best way to get a bird to stop entering your building is to stop it from ever landing. Create barriers to stop birds from landing on your building. Here are several ways you can get birds to stop landing on your building:

  • Place angled boards on any ledges
  • Coat any flat surface with a slippery glaze
  • Place bird wire or sharp objects along the ledge of your building

Limit Bird Access to Buildings With Bird Netting

Be sure to block off any openings to your building. Drape bird netting around any holes or gutters to prevent birds from gaining access to your shed or building. To purchase a quality netting, be sure to look for one made of durable polypropylene.

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Protect Your Buildings and Sheds With Avian Control

Shield your sheds and buildings from pest birds with Avian Control bird repellent. Our low-cost formula prevents birds from entering your buildings in a way that is harmless for birds, animals and humans. Our repellent is more effective than other bird control methods because it lasts for up to 2 weeks per application. For more information, contact us at 888.868.1982 or visit our shop today.

Keep Birds Out of Your Buildings and Sheds
Use these methods to keep birds out of your buildings and sheds.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
Keep Birds Out of Your Buildings and Sheds