How to Repel Non-Migratory Birds

Birds migrating back south to avoid the chilly temperatures is a standard sign of winter, but what about the birds that stick around all season? Here are some tips to help deal with non-migratory birds from invading your property.

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Identify the Non-Migratory Bird Species

Before you can get into the specifics of dealing with your bird problem, you have to do your research.

Knowing the type of birds you are dealing with allows you to know what methods of bird control to use. Keep in mind state and federal laws, as some birds are protected by the government, requiring specific bird control methods.

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Implement Physical Deterrents

Physical bird deterrents are a good first step when dealing with, non-migratory birds. Physical deterrents use visuals, sounds or a combination of the two to frighten birds from your property. A few physical deterrents you could try include, but are not limited to:Barn Owl

Flash tape: An affordable solution that can be applied nearly anywhere, flash tape creates a visual distraction for the bird. If suspended from a tree it can create a physical deterrent when it moves in the wind.

Wind chimes: The musical jingles that wind chimes create are enough to scare birds away. The physical movement of the chimes also works as a visual deterrent.

Decoy predators: Decoy predators such as plastic owls or coyotes can frighten birds from your land. Moving them periodically will help prevent the birds from learning they aren’t real.

Stop Birds From Nesting on Your Property

Building an area that is uncomfortable for birds looking to nest is crucial. If they are already nesting, check with state and local laws and destroy the nests if possible. This will send a hostile message to birds.

Perch repellents such as rounded spikes or netting can prevent birds from landing and nesting on your property as well. While the spikes and nets are useful for keeping away larger birds, they have their issues too. Debris such as falling leaves will get stuck in the netting and small birds can nest in-between perch spikes.

Using Liquid Bird Repellent

Using liquid bird repellent is another option to repel non-migratory birds. Liquid bird repellents can be sprayed on areas where birds are unwanted. They work by using ingredients that irritate birds pain sensors. This non-lethal method works by “teaching” the birds that applied areas are not bird friendly. Meaning even after the application wears off, birds will often not return to previously sprayed areas.

Repel Non-Migratory Birds with Avian Enterprises

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How to Repel Non-Migratory Birds
Learn how you can repel non-migratory birds from your property with these tips from Avian Enterprises.
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How to Repel Non-Migratory Birds