How To Deter Unwanted Geese From Your Property

White geese on a pond

Geese are among the largest birds in North America. Gathering in large groups, geese can destroy landscapes and leave behind a lot of waste. Geese repellent methods are often harmful to the birds and the environment or just don’t work. Finding an effective way to remove geese can be a challenge, but there are plenty of options out there.

Determine Why They’ve Arrived

Geese didn’t choose your property just to annoy you; they’re there for a reason. Geese aren’t very afraid of human interaction, and a common reason they’re on your property is because there is a food source. There are, however, many other reasons as to why they reside on your land, including:

  • Large, flat areas of land creates a safe area for them to gather and raise their young.
  • They’re being fed by humans (commonly occurring in corporate office complexes).
  • Large bodies of water on your property naturally attract them.

Implement A Method of Removal

Once you’ve determined why the geese are on your property, you can create a plan for removal. It’s highly likely that cutting off their food source won’t work, considering a lot of them feed on grass. There are a few ways to deter them from your property such as:

    • Restrict access to water sources– Geese are waterfowls, so setting up barriers around bodies of water that prevent in and out access can deter them.  
    • Plant tall shrubbery- Geese become uncomfortable when they don’t have a clear line of sight. Break up their line of sight by placing tall grasses, rocks or shrubs on your property.
    • Setup decoysDecoys work great both on land and in the water. Just move them regularly so the geese don’t become aware they’re fake.
    • Apply liquid bird repellent– Liquid bird repellents can be sprayed on nearly any surface and can permanently rid your property of geese.

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How To Keep Geese Away With Avian Migrate

A family of geese

Whether geese are causing severe damage to your property or are leaving behind their droppings, it’s time to send them packing. Avian Migrate by Avian Enterprises is a non-lethal liquid bird repellent that is not only effective but also produces long-lasting results. Composed of food grade ingredients, the liquid deterrent can be applied by spraying or fogging. Applications last up to two weeks and can cost as little as $12.50 per acre of land. Don’t let geese be party-poopers on your properties any longer.

How To Deter Unwanted Geese from Your Property
Take a look at how geese are on your property and why to remove them.
Brand: Avian Enterprises
How To Deter Unwanted Geese From Your Property