How to Keep Geese Away From Your Corporate Parking Lot

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Geese can be a huge nuisance on corporate parking lots, entryways and walkways. Not only are these birds very territorial, their droppings will have tenants and guests tip-toeing around the property. We’ve discovered a few tips to help you eliminate unwanted geese from your corporate parking lots and surrounding areas.

The Problem with Birds in Parking Lotscanada-geese-348290_640

It’s obvious that geese cause a variety of problems for your corporate parking lot. More than just unsightly eyesores, these birds could actually be harming your business. Issues geese can cause in your corporate building include:

  • Covering walkways and parking lots in feces
  • Nesting in inconvenient spaces 
  • Threatening or attacking tenants

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Use Visual Deterrents

Some of the most common bird control methods around are visual scare tactics, which include faux predatory birds, shiny objects or balloons. These objects are designed to make birds and geese feel threatened, causing them to find another location. In corporate parking lots, however, these are not always effective. It would require many visual deterrents placed in strategic locations around your parking lot for this method to properly work.

Eventually, birds will grow accustomed to visual scare tactics, no matter how many you employ. This method must be updated and changed frequently to remain effective.

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parking lotImplement a Bird Sound Machine

Sound machines are similar to visual scare tactics in that they are designed to frighten birds away from your corporate parking lot. These machines play predatory bird calls or distress calls using ultrasonic sound waves to play on a frequency only heard by birds. While this method may work to protect your property, it can become difficult to find a sound geese find threatening.

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Apply Bird Repellent Spray

Bird repellent sprays are an invisible, silent and effective method used to deter geese and birds from your corporate parking lot. By irritating the pain center in a bird’s brain, these products actually teach birds to avoid your property even after the effects have worn off. Other benefits of bird repellent sprays include:

  • Non-toxic and EPA-registered
  • Non-lethal for birds
  • Safe for use around humans and other animals
  • Low treatment costs

Keep Birds Out of Your Corporate Parking Lot with Avian Migrate

Avian Migrate is an effective, long-lasting bird repellent perfect for protecting your corporate parking lot and surrounding property. With treatment costs as low as $12.50 per acre, preventing birds and geese from entering your parking lot has never been easier. Contact us to learn more!

Tips for Keeping Geese Out of Your Corporate Parking Lot
Follow these tips to keep geese out of your corporate parking lot.
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How to Keep Geese Away From Your Corporate Parking Lot