Simple Methods That Help Deter Birds From Commercial Buildings

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Are you ready to put your bird problem behind you? Pest birds are a common problem amongst business owners. They make a mess and can disturb your customers. Keep the birds and geese away with these common tactics.

Scare Birds Away From Your Commercial Buildingsseagulls

By frightening birds, it will prevent them from coming near your commercial building. Sound systems are an effective method for scaring away unwanted birds. Some specific tactics include:

Ultrasonics: Used to produce high-frequency sounds to prevent birds from landing on buildings.

  • Ultrasonic noise can be obstructed by various objects
  • This type of repellent is not effective on the hearing range of birds

Distress Signal Call System: This system produces sounds that mimic birds warning other birds of potential danger.

  • The distress calls can be very noisy and disturb human inhabitants
  • If the distress signal is turned off, the birds will return

Prevent The Birds From Entering the Property

To make your protection from birds even more efficient, you could add another type of tactic in addition to scaring. By putting in a physical barrier you will make it even harder for birds to bother your building. Here are a couple of ways to prevent birds from landing:

Porcupine Wire: This is a physical barrier repellent system that has rows of needles or spikes pointing vertically upwards. The spikes are intended to make it difficult for larger birds to land.

  • This method tends to collect debris between spikes such as, bird droppings, feathers and nesting materials
  • Porcupine wire is ineffective against small birds because they can nest in the space between spikes

Gel Coating Repellent: Gels are intended to irritate the bird’s feet, causing them to avoid the area where the gel is applied.

  • Gel coating tends to absorb airborne pollutants which cause it to harden and become ineffective
  • Removal of this coating is very difficult and sometimes damaging to commercial buildings

Use an Effective Liquid Bird Repellent

Keep birds away from commercial buildings with a product that really works. Avian Migrate is a long-lasting and easy-to-use bird repellent. This EPA-friendly product is gentle enough to use around plants, people and other animals. Don’t let those birds linger by your business any longer.

Using Liquid Bird Repellent For Commercial Buildings
Let Avian Enterprises help you protect your commercial buildings from birds.
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Simple Methods That Help Deter Birds From Commercial Buildings